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User Reviews (6)

Stylist: Glenn Charles

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I originally heard about the DEVA cut from a friend who lives in New York and knew about their salon. She even bought me some products to try out in my hair and I saw a difference in just using the shampoo and conditioner and tried to save it only for special occasions. Recently I took a trip to New York and went to the salon there to go get more product. I am originally from San Antonio, TX but am currently living in Valdosta, GA. I happened to be coming home and knew there were no DEVA stylist in San Antonio. My brother lives in Dallas and happened to be coming to see him here. It turned out not only to be a great trip because I got to see him, but because I meet Glenn. The Michael Flores Salon was recommened to me by the New York stylist. I originally called to make and appointment with Angela who seemed highly recommened by her reviews. She in turn recommeneded Glenn, who also happens to cut her hair. He did what no other stylist has EVER been able to do with my hair, and that is to make it look AMAZING!! Glenn is very personable and friendly. He made me fall in LOVE with my curls and appreciate them. I have a lot of hair and curl, in the process I learned that all my curls start at a level 3 but are all DIFFERENT throughout. I even brought my Mom with me who has curly hair and she will be coming back to Dallas to see Glenn. She also feel in love with the whole DEVA process. The best thing about Glenn is that he really cares about his clients. The next weekend of my cut Glenn was so nice as to text and ask how I was liking my new cut. Also was willing to answer any questions or concerns that I had. It made me feel good that he takes pride in what he does. I will definitely be coming back the next time I am in Texas to see Glenn.

Stylist: Glenn Charles

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I am absolutely in LOVE with my haircut! I waited a few days to see how things went when I did it myself and the new cut weathered the humidity and I am still in LOVE! I am a multi-ethnic 3B curl-gurl with dark brown hair. Shine & frizz are definitely issues especially since I am new to Dallas. My other curly friends aren't faithful and committed to the DEVA method and I have been for almost a year so I was at a loss for stylists. After searching the naturally curly site, I found Glenn & Angela listed with great reviews. Since Angela had more reviews I tried to get an appointment with her, but she couldn't schedule me in my desired time-frame and recommended Glenn (who by the way is who cuts HER hair!). I'm so glad!!! Glenn was extremely attentive and responsive to me from the VERY beginning - I mean from the moment we talked on the phone to schedule the appointment. He's extremely professional AND extremely personable. He took the time to help me understand how I might have to change up the amount and type of products I've been using now that I'm in Dallas (rather than Detroit, MI) due to weather and such. He was efficient with the cutting process and careful to refer back to my pictures/desires AND styling routine as he went through the various textures and types of curls throughout my entire head! I have a TON of hair! His process is AWESOME and I had the most amazing cut AND a fantastic looking head of defined, shiny, sexy curls when I left - and throughout the day! I'm in LOVE with Glenn and I believe you should definitely go see him at the Michael Flores Salon.

REVIEWED BY: busi_B  |  7.20.12

Stylist: Glenn Charles

Glenn works magic. He saved my hair. It was dry, dull and frizzy but after working with him the frizz is gone and my hair is healthy and shinny. Glenn worked with me to find the right styling products and taught me how to use them properly. His cutting technique has transformed my hair and made me proud to be a curly girl. He is a great colorist also. I get compliments on my hair all the time.

REVIEWED BY: las248  |  7.26.10

Stylist: Glen Charles

I want to thank Glenn for showing me very patiently how to care for and have great curly hair. I didn't even know curly hair was an option for me, until Glen got his curly hair fingers going. He has shown me more ways to do and care for my hair. I esp liked the last time I went to Glenn. He used hair clips to add volume to my hair, it wast romantic and not a frizzy hair in sight. A special thank you to Glenn for making me look great at 57, my hair is gorgeous. Cynthia Hackney

Stylist: Glenn Charles

I was recommended to Glenn Charles by a friend with even curlier hair than mine. For years I've had the same shoulder length boring haircut that just lays flat on my head (I have very fine curly hair). Glenn met with me and told me about the Curly Girl method and we scheduled an appointment. The haircut itself was a very different experience since he free form cut my hair dry. He then spent lots of time explaining to me how to wash (or not wash), how to put product in and how to dry. It looked great leaving the salon and great the next day when I tried it out myself. I'm still experimenting but overall I love the haircut and Glenn was great. Highly recommended!

REVIEWED BY: lsobel  |  7.19.10

Stylist: Glenn Charles

Glenn is awesome! He gave me a fabulous cut and has taken so much time to teach me how to style it so that I can make it look great at home. I am used to loving my hair when I leave the salon, but this is the first time I've been able to style it at home and really love it just as much. I would recommend Glenn to everyone with curly hair - he is the best!