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Stylist: Tammura Adreon

Just want to say, first - sorry for the double-review, that makes me feel silly! ;) I also wanted to note that I recently had my 2nd cut with Tammura, and I swear, it was even better than the first! I'm very happy with my hair, and get compliments on it every single day. :)

Stylist: Tammura Adreon

I just had my first appointment with this great stylist. She has curly hair, follows a CG routine, and cuts curls dry, using the curl-by-curl method. She's familiar with both the Curly Girl method info from the book and the techniques from Tiffany Anderson's e-book. I highly recommend Tammura to anyone looking for a CG-friendly stylist in Middle Tennessee! Only the first day and haven't yet tried styling the results myself, but this is possibly the best cut I've ever had! :)

Stylist: Tammura Adreon

I had my first cut with Tammura today. I found this shop on the Deva Concepts web site as a retailer and took a chance that this meant they would be curl friendly and made an appointment with Tammura, since their website says she's 'a genius with curls'. That's not an over-statment at all! While she's not Deva trained, Tammura is a curly girl herself, follows the CG method in caring for her own hair. After meeting and speaking at length with Loraine Massey at a hair show, she adopted the curl-by-curl dry cutting method for her curly clients, and I'm here to say that it certainly seems like the best cut I've ever had! Tammura is great, and affordable, too - highly recommend! Note: She only works one Saturday every few months, so you need to be able to make an appointment during the week with her.