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User Reviews (2)

Stylist: Sonia Merriman

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

Based on NC reviews, I tracked Sonia to Moss Salon. Just like probably every one of you other curly girls searching this website for a good stylist, I have had a pretty consistent history of bad experiences with hair cuts. This wasn't one of them. I have long hair and wasn't going for a drastic change. She was very friendly and attentive, asked some questions about my hair, and then shampooed my hair and cut it wet. It turned out fine, though she didn't really address one issue with some chunky awkward layers I had. It was a decent cut, and she certainly didn't make it worse. Afterward, she didn't really style it. She put some gel-type stuff in it (not crunchy) and then just left it. I have literally NEVER been to a "stylist" (even the best) who knew how to STYLE my hair curly after cutting it. Bizarre, no? Anyway... I would rate my experience with Sonia a 4 because it was above average, but not crazy good. I may go to Moss again to give her another crack at it, because she is definitely conservative with what she chops (good for us curlies, since it takes twice as long to grow our hair out than our straight-haired sisters). I will post again if I do!

Stylist: Jesse Gaines

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Jesse takes the time to really discuss and examine your hair. He asks many questions about your hair likes, dislikes, habits, skills, wishes, etc. He is familiar with CG and really did a fabulous job with my hair which is fine, dry and curly. I am so happy to have someone in Eugene that I can trust with my hair. Oh and he's a co-owner of the salon which overall was comfortable, friendly and inviting. Great overall experience!

REVIEWED BY: macluan  |  2.9.11