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Stylist: Summer

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Went to Summer b/c I read a review online that said something like, she's best curly cutter in Chicago. And indeed--she has given me the best hair I've had in my adult life. Saw a lady in the locker room with a good curly cut and told her "I admire you do." She said it was by Summer at Sine Qua Non. Not even surprised. Reputation as best curly cutter in Chicago = totally deserved. She's also kindof personally inspiring. You should go.

Stylist: Summer

Actually, Summer works at the Lincoln Park location (this add is for the Andersonville location) and I kind of don't want to tell you about her because she's already booked up beyond belief. She is AMAZING. I've never had a better stylist. I have hair that's a cross between a 3b and 3c and she gives me great cuts every time. The only thing better than the initial haircut is how gorgeous it is growing out. It is really beautiful with no mushroom head. I LOVE Summer. LOVE.

REVIEWED BY: bigtab  |  2.11.10

Stylist: Libby

I second (third, fourth) all the Libby reviews on the site. She's fantastic with curls. I've gone to so many salons over the years, and she really seems to get it. She listens well, and is easy to work with.

Stylist: Libby

YAY for Libby! ! I tried Libby based on recommendations here. She works 2 days a week, one at the Andersonville location at 5057 N. Clark, and the other @ the Lincoln Park site. She is awesome! I'm finally happy with a curly cut, even over a week later after washing & styling it myself a few times. It's pretty much foolproof. It falls right. The layers are blended well (that's a first.) I had put off having a haircut for long over a year, and snipped the ends myself a couple of times. I've had dry haircuts by 'Deva trained' curly cutters recommended here, and I don't see what everyone is raving about. Those haircuts were an embarrassing mess. This is a haircut! The curls behave themselves and there is order to it, not curly disarray. I will go back. I don't live in Chicago, but I can get there easily enough, so she's my stylist from now on.

Stylist: Libby

I was a first time client with Sine Qua Non - the Lincoln Park branch - and gave Libby a picture of my old cut that I was roughly aiming for. We talked for a couple of minutes about what I wanted to do with my hair. I was going from shoulder-length to short, a cut of about six inches. Libby was very approachable, a great conversationalist, and down to earth. She also gave me, hands down, one of the best haircuts I have had in my 26-year curly-haired career. She told me that she enjoys the challenge of cutting curly hair, and she knows that everyone's curly hair is different (plus I got bagels and cream cheese when I went in on a Saturday morning)! I would highly recommend Libby as a stylist for anyone with curly hair.

Stylist: Libby

Libby is great, she listens to you and gives you honest professional opinions. She studies your curly hair before she cuts and as she cuts it, to be sure it will fall right. She takes her time and is precise. After she cuts your hair, she dries it to see how it would look dry and then she again studies it and makes adjustments as she sees them. Amazing. I will go to her from now on, she loves curly hair and you can tell by the time and care she puts into making you look your best!!!!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  8.10.07

Stylist: Summer

Summer is *amazing*. She has lovely curly hair herself, and really gets how to take care of it. I have thick, 3b-ish hair, and she has given me consistently wonderful haircuts--initially fixing a terrible haircut from elsewhere, and then helping me go really short, with bangs. Traditional, super hip--whatever, she can do it.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  7.31.06

Stylist: Sam

Sam is awesome, I've gone to her for a long time (and I live out of town now!), and many of my friends have as well. She listens and also seems to know just what I want, both for cut and color. She's also really great to chat with, high energy and fun. She really knows what to do with curls!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  2.19.06