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User Reviews (24)

Stylist: Keina M

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

This was a while ago (I hear she has since opened her own salon) but Keina did a colouring job on my hair and did a fantastic job. 

Stylist: Angela

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

Stylist: Alisha

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

Hello, I had a wonderful experience and I described my experience in great detail through video : please watch, comment and subscribe Thank you

REVIEWED BY: Sashana  |  2.25.13

Stylist: Angela

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

Does a fabulous job and has coached me to being able to replicate what she does when she styles my hair.

REVIEWED BY: Fro72  |  11.9.12

Stylist: Kamie

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I've been going to this salon for just over a year now, and my hair has never looked better. Kamie is amazing!! The first time I ever went, she taught me step by step how to style my hair and I've been doing it that way ever since. The products I've been using are the best, and they smell so damn good! haha. I've never left any other salon with my hair perfectly styled and perfectly DRY. It's hard to find stylists who know what to do with curly hair. This place is the best. For the record, Ontario is not in the US.

REVIEWED BY: maria_b  |  11.4.12

Stylist: Elisha

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Thank You Elisha for giving me the best haircut I have ever had. I normally leave a salon after a cut just feeling ok with how it looks & then after its completely dry being really upset, because one side of my head always shrinks up more than the other (I always let them know this, but it doesnt help). With this cut it is completely even & Cute to Boot! I already booked my next appointment for February!!

Stylist: Kamie

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I went today, this was my first visit. I was apprehensive due to years of bad hair cuts, and stylists that would cut my hair in a style that only looked good when straightened. I wanted to wear my curls without frizziness or poofiness. Kamie was AMAZING! She cut off the dead/straggly ends without cutting off to much length. She then explained step by step how to style my hair without adding frizz. She also told me about the products she used but wasn't pushy. My curls have never looked better and I will definitely be going back!

REVIEWED BY: sd0104  |  6.8.12

Stylist: Suzy

Rating: Salon Rating: 4 Scissors

I found out about this salon from a friend who went there at the end of 2010. Despite the fact that she expressed that she did not have a favourable experience (she felt that the salon was best suited for less textured hair, her hair was 3c/4a), I took into consideration what she said but still was interested in seeing what it was like so I booked an appointment. My Positive & Negative points Positive * Clean and well decorated salon * Pleasant staff who are very friendly * Specializes in Deva Certified stylists Negative * In my opinion staff do not have much experience with long highly textured hair (4a/4b) - (short hair may be a different story so I will not comment on that) * Could have more variety on hair products

REVIEWED BY: nada101  |  9.25.11

Stylist: Shanlea

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I visited Shanlea a couple of months ago & absolutely loved my hair when it was done. I found the whole experience great - we took our time discussing how best to cut my hair & colour it. I have long wavy hair that can sometimes get too frizzy - Shanlea took her time cutting my hair so the curls are just right & showed me how I could style my hair at home to maximize the curls & minimize the frizz. I also picked up some really great hair products that have made a huge difference. Been loving my hair since - this is by far the best hair salon experience - hands down.

Stylist: Keina

I don't actually live in Toronto, but my sister does, and mentioned that Curl Ambassadors was close to her apartment. I haven't had a hair cut in over a year because I've been paranoid that someone would destroy my curls. But I decided to treat myself and it was the best salon experience I ever had. My hair was a mess - dry, bad ends, and no shape. Keina gave me a deep conditioning treatment, cut my hair wet (to remove the ends) and dry (to shape). I left there with a "curl map" to recreate the effect at home, and I have to say that I have been successful. It was really great to have someone able to teach me in person how to carry out some of the tips I've read about over the years. I would definitely return!

REVIEWED BY: zsenya  |  10.10.10

Stylist: Angela

Fab!!! I was very anxious trying out a new salon/stylist, but A really knew what she was doing. She gave me a great haircut and showed me step by step how to style my hair. I am on second day hair and it looks great which has only happened once or twice in my life! And this is 3mths after my last texturizer (I am weaning myself off the creamy crack)!

Stylist: no comment

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

I wanted to try and see if there was a difference going to a salon that specialized in curly hair, to see if they cut my hair any different. So i asked around and came across Curl Ambassadors. I figured if they are really good, I do not mind spending $85 every 3 months or so on my hair. So I went to the Toronto location and have regretted it ever since.The hairdresser I got really did spend time on my hair, but she really didn't listen to what I wanted at all. She started off cutting my hair dry, then took me to the back and applied all this various products, then took pains to dry my hair into ringlets and then snipped here and there. Although the curls looked great, i couldn't help thinking It was flatter than before and I didn't really get the layers i wanted. So I purchased the $30 shampoo hoping it would improve the frizziness and texture of my hair. Now I ask myself, seriously, what curly hair doesn't have atleast some sort of frizz?!?!?! I have to say I am very disappointed with the cut. I regret going there and losing my lion mane hair of curls. My hair no longer has the shape it used to. It looks flat and like I just came in from the rain. Absolutely no layers. At one point, I asked her if there was a reason why my hair shed so often and she said, after the cut it should stop shedding (I dont know what i was thinking, but I actually gave her the benefit of the doubt). I've actually stopped getting compliments for my hair...makes sense...cause it looks terribly average, despite my using the $30 shampoo and my Aveda mousse! I'm better off going to the basement lady and paying her $12 to get my hair looking the way it used to...thick, full and gorgeously curly!

Stylist: Angela

This was my first real curly-cut (and colour), and I am beyond happy with it! Angela explained every step she did with my hair and why she did it from styling to product application and the actual cut. It was fantastic to be at a salon that embraces curls and understands that we WANT to have them and not have them straightened into oblivion. The curl map provided at the end of my appointment has been so helpful in deciding what products to purchase and how to style my hair to make it look like I just left the salon. The products were not forced onto me at all, and I was provided with options to get at the drugstore in addition to the more expensive products that are carried at the salon. This visit also encouraged me to do research and begin the curly girl routine, so I can't wait to see how my hair responds! The only downside is that it's a little pricey, but it's definitely worth it for the expertise provided.

REVIEWED BY: Dax  |  8.3.10

Stylist: Keina M

I thought I'd had a good cut for curly hair until I saw Keina this past Friday. I didn't know it was possible to make sure a huge difference to how my hair looks and feels, without going to a drastically different style. (like long to short) Keina kept my hair long, but cut off enough to allow it to be healthy and then worked some kind of magic with the front and top that took me from long curtain of heavy hair (with a flat top) to happy bouncy non-flattop hair. She also suggested some products, explaining why, and how to use them every step of the way. The products weren't cheap, but man, I could feel the difference. Generally I'm a drugstore shopper on that front, but now I'm a convert. I've even reproduced her amazing styling successfully myself using those same products and the techniques she described. I have to say, the products were more expensive at the start, but you only need to use a tiny bit of them (even in my mass of hair) so i think things might even out a bit in the long run. Anyhow - if you have curly hair, that you wear curly, and you like for your hair to feel soft and look not frizzy, but actually nice and sproingy and curly - then go here!

Stylist: Kamie & Shanlea

Just had another AMAZING cut/colour from the ladies at The Curl Ambassadors - always love the way my hair looks and feels after my appointment. It's so refreshing to go to a salon that respects what you already know about your curls - and adds the latest techniques and newest/best products to improve your hair's natural look and feel. I always value their knowledge and experience and my hair has never looked better! I have been to both locations and have seen 2 awesome stylists (Kamie - Vaughan and Shanlea - Harbord). Thanks for the amazing curls and wonderful service ladies!

REVIEWED BY: smarcus  |  4.20.10

Stylist: Angela

I started going to The Curl Ambassadors (downtown location)about a year and a half ago. I was skeptical. Any hairdresser I had come in contact with up to that point always spoke and acted like they knew my hair better than I did. And, like many other curly haired people, I believed them and was left with a frizzy, unmanageable disaster to tame. I went for a curly-doo, initially just looking for new product; which I love. When my old hairdresser told me she was taking off to Italy indefinitely, I began conducting "interviews" for my new hairdresser. Angela got the "job". Angela, listened to my concerns (read fears) about cut, color, cost, basically any sort of change (the change I really wanted but thought I would never be able to have because of my curls); every time I had previously attempted a change, I received a frizzy, puffy, uneven, uncontrollable mess (which usually resembled a triangle),unless it was hard as a helmet with gel. My hair was in the middle of my back when I began seeing Angela. Just a couple of weeks ago, with a knotted stomach and a pale face, and after nightmares of a horrific outcome, Angela (with my go ahead)chopped it off (when dry, it sits above my shoulders). It was the best decision I've made in years. I've loved my hair and always took the time to make it the best I possibly could. But, I NEVER imagined it would be THIS awesome. This time, instead of feeling like the same person that came from a "just another trim" hair appointment, I literally walked out with the biggest grin on my face.Who knew that I'd leave the salon that day with half the amount of hair, feeling sexy, attractive and confident (with no makeup on and in a jogging suit and runners); a shiny new version of myself only a hundred times better? Everyone at this salon, is friendly(I asked everyone's opinion before and after I decided to have my hair chopped off)and I honestly just kept thinking, "like every other place I've been to, they probably don't care what I do with my hair" and perhaps they don't. But they ABSOLUTELY care that I LOVE my hair regardless of what it looks like. Their priority is that you are happy with it. Angela called me a few days following my big chop, to see if I still loved it. No hairdresser or stylist has ever followed up with me and knowing that she cared enough to call, made my entire week. It took me a while to trust them, but they take the time to make sure you're comfortable and happy. Some may find them a bit pricey, but, waking up every day with the best hair you've ever had is worth every cent! In Angela, I trust!!

REVIEWED BY: dp183  |  2.23.10

Stylist: Kamie

Wow, what an experience I have been having at The Curl Ambassadors. For the past 2 years I noticed that my hair was starting to break and I did not know what to do anymore. I decided to go natural but having kinky hair was a difficult transition for me coming from chemically treated hair. I decided to twist and braid my hair with extensions, but it was becoming a challenge and every time I took the extensions out, my hair would knot and break. By fluke I was sent to a hairdresser that dealt with natural hair texture by pressing my hair. My hair looked good but once I sweat or the weather was damp or too hot my hair would just frizz. The hairdresser told me that I have nice curls that I should try "The Curl Ambassador", so I went on the internet to get the address and booked my first appointment for August 29th, I believe. I was advised by Jaqueline that if I truly want to go natural that I should cut off any of the perm that was still in my hair. Of course I was petrified, but went ahead and chopped it off. I cried in the car all the way home because my hair was sooooo short, about 1 inch in length. I continued to travel from Thornhill to Toronto once a week to condition my hair and buying product after product because my hair texture is very course and I was not comfortable with the feeling of my hair and which product to use. I also collected a few samples to try out. However, my hair was so dry. I wanted to condition it and do treatments to get my hair healthy again. I was getting nervous but the staff at The Curl Ambassador believed in the products and the beauty of natural curls so I did not give up. The only challenge that I had was the travel time. Then one day after an appointment I noticed that I was not happy with my hair. I emailed The Curl Ambassador to address my concerns and the money that I was spending. I did not want to blame anyone because I saw how dedicated the staff was. I immediately got a phone call from Caroline one of the owners who listened to my complaints. She was the most genuine person that I have dealt with in a long time. Even though she did not do my hair, she knew who I was and really cared about my concerns. Caroline spent the time with me on the phone consulting with me on what I was doing at home with my hair. I explained to her and she reassured me that I was doing everything right and things will change. She also gave me some free products and discounts for future services. In our talk she told me that her 2nd salon was opening in Vaughan. I was so happy because my 45min to 1hour commute each way would be reduced to 10 minutes. I canceled my appointment at the Toronto location and booked at the New Vaughan location. This was one of the best things that I did for myself in a long time. I met my new hair stylist, Kamie, who is the most wonderful person in the hair industry. She really cares about each and every client that sits in her chair. She has taught me so much about my hair in my short 2 months of her doing my hair. We are both experimenting with my hair but kid you not, Kamie is leading me in the right direction, she really cares. She is also doing my two daughter's hair with patience and love. (One is 10 and the other is 2). My 2 year old does not let anyone touch her hair, but for some reason, Kamie has magical powers because my 2 year old sits for an hour to get her hair washed, conditioned and twisted by Kamie. Thank you so much Kamie for the time you spend with my family at the salon. Kamie has also given me a new look. She spent time consulting with me to a great color. She really examined my hair by testing sections of my hair until she found the right color. She also experimented with the products and found the Kinky Curl in conjunction with Carol's Daughters Hair Milk to be the best styling products for my hair. Kamie also introduced me to the single twist which I now wear for 2 - 3 weeks before I enjoy the company of Kamie and rest of the The Curl Ambassadors staff at the Vaughan location. The location is great, the atmosphere is great and most of all the staff is great. I feel like I am at a home away from home. Thank you Kamie for taking care of my girls and my hair and thank you Caroline and Betty for all that you have done for anyone with curly hair.

Stylist: Suzy

I can't even begin to describe how amazing this salon is!! The service is peerless, and these ladies really understand the unique styling needs of curly tresses. Suffice it to say my haircut was nothing less than fabulous; and my stylist, amazing. I had a personalized curl consultation where my stylist showed me how to manage my curls using the appropriate products. I also received a "Curl Map" before I left the salon. It's a step by step guide that details exactly what products were used on my hair, and how I should use them at home. I've already booked my appointment for next month!

REVIEWED BY: Janesca  |  1.3.10

Stylist: Kammy

I tried the new location in Vaughan as it was closer to me. Although the stylist did not seen confident in her skills (which terrified me!).. I like the end product (could use a few "tweaks" though). She cut my hair dry, then wet, then dry again. My only real issue .. the price! Is $85 for a haircut a bit ridiculous or is it just me??? Apparently this new location is charging $10 more than their downtown location!

Stylist: ?

People are having bad luck with this salon because the good reviews are about Nicole and she is no longer at this salon. When I called to book an appointment with my stylist Nicole, they didn't tell me she was no longer there. When I arrived, I was surprised to find myself booked with another stylist. When I asked why I wasn't with Nicole they told me she didn't work there anymore. So when I asked why, I was told that Nicole could not afford to live in Toronto anymore so she moved. Two weeks later,after a hardly comparable hair cut with someone else, I find out that Nicole is indeed still working in Toronto. Talk about tactless behavior. Not impressed.

Stylist: Shanlea (?)

I cheated on my regular stylist, who is AMAZING to go to here (Civello Trained). I had a gift certificate from a Christmas present that gave me a cut and color. I have to agree with an earlier poster about the weird vibe in there. I have gone there before to buy products, and thought it was an off day. When I went there for my cut, I felt like I was a drop in that they had squeezed into their schedule, things felt rushed, and my stylist seemed surprised I was there at all. The cut was meh, and the color was OK. They gave me some free samples, which was nice. Then the shocker, as I said before, I had been given a gift certificate as a Christmas gift, which I had mentioned when booking my appointment. I had the card, but they did not have my name or a record on file for me. They said that the gift giver had given me the wrong part, they had no way to track it, and I had to pay $170+!!! Would not go back, even with the gift certificate. Feel free to contact me for the website of my SUPER-AWESOME hairstylist, who is kind, fun, a fantastic hairstylist, and just a really great person to spend an hour with!!!

REVIEWED BY: BeeGee  |  10.14.09

Stylist: Shanlea

The atmosphere was also bizarre; it felt like there was some high school clique type drama going on. The staff ignored me when I entered, and continued to gossip for several minutes before acknowledging my presence. The stylist seemed disinterested and any attempts at hair advice or conversation were cold and cursory at best. The woman who rang me up seemed really anxious and unhappy. Maybe I was there on a bad day or something, but the whole place had really weird vibes. I will give it a second try with a different stylist, but I was really not impressed after hearing so many rave reviews.

REVIEWED BY: MW1  |  7.1.09

Stylist: Shanley (?)

I gave this place the benefit of the doubt, but after FOUR REALLY TERRIBLE Haircuts over 8 months, forget it. Really lousy. Always had to wait a long time, too.

Stylist: Nicole

Nicole did not leave the city. If you were a client of Nicole's and told that she left the city, that is incorrect. She is still in the city and would love to see all her curly clients. To contact Nicole please e-mail to Thank you so much, have a wonderful curly day.

REVIEWED BY: nicoleh  |  1.22.09