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User Reviews (3)

Stylist: Carrie Waller

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

I had my hair styled by Carrie. She is very pleasant and quick to tell you how she is one of the only "advanced" curly stylist in St Louis. I asked all of the right questions over the phone and she told me she follows the deva method, cuts hair dry, washes and styles afterwards. This is how it actually went: she did not even look at my curl type or pattern. She is lightening fast and cuts before you can even say anything, so it's too late. The first thing she did was finger brush out all of my curls and go at the back of my head like a barber. She pulled down my curls in sections (not individual curls but huge sections of hair) and cut them together. Obviously this causes the curls to spring back into different and awkward levels. She asked if I wanted bangs and I said absolutely not and as I was answering she cut them anyways. Lightening fast. I asked her why she didn't cut it curl by curl and she said she only does that with kinky curly hair. After my cut, wash, and dry she sprayed me with hair spray and literally brushed out any remaining curls and fluffed my hair up with her fingers. I left in tears. I went to her wanting to continue to grow out my shoulder length A-Bob type 2c/3a and now I have a horrific chin length boy bowl cut with awkward waves and chunks sticking out in all directions. She obviously does not follow the deva method, has probably not read the Curly Girl book, and has no idea how much emotional pain she can put people through in the 30 min she spends on hair. 

REVIEWED BY: Ekirk  |  2.3.16

Stylist: Carrie Waller

Rating: Salon Rating: 1 Scissors

She has a great personality and is a very nice woman. But I spent 6 hours in her shop. I asked for a trim and left with 7 to 8 inches off my hair after shrinkage. I did not truly realize how short is was until I left. I wanted volume and knew I wanted layers; I expected to lose length, but 4 inches at most. My hair was down to my waist before I came and now it is a little past my shoulders at the longest layer. Curled up, it looks like a bob. I also came in to do a color and left with a botched underlayer of color that was uneven. I was very unhappy with what was done to my hair. I would not recommend unless you love short hair. I will not knock her coloring skills, but I wish I was informed that the coloring would not turn out right without bleach. I was misinformed; I would not have highlighted my hair at all if I had known it would come out so botched.

Stylist: Carrie Waller

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

It took me forever to find a stylist in St. Louis who I trusted to cut & color my 2C/3A curly, LONG, THICK hair. I'm so glad I found Carrie! She's not only awesome to talk to while I was getting my hair done, but specializes in curly hair and really knows what she's doing. She uses DevaCurl products and all natural hair color. I'm very happy with the results and will be returning to her! She's also very reasonably priced.

REVIEWED BY: chiaraa  |  7.2.13