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User Reviews (1)

Stylist: Dickey

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Dickey gave me a great cut again! I think he is a better stylist than anyone else I've seen in NYC - and I think I've seen them all.

I got a dreadful haircut from someone else recently and I couldn't make it work no matter how hard I tried. I fried my hair with heat tools trying to deal with it. It looked worse than it's looked in years.

My hair is 2c/3a. One thing that Dickey does differently from others is that he doesn't twirl my hair or rake and shake. He makes sure the hair is dripping wet and applies mousse. Then he just places it gently with a wide tooth comb - not combing it, just lifting it in places.

The salon is bright and airy and the staff was very pleasant to me. The shampoo is a cleansing cream - totally cg, no sulfates.

I'm so relieved that my hair looks pretty again. I will return when it grows out. I got a 20% discount because I'm a senior citizen but the staff teased me that I looked like a teenager. The haircut definitely took years off - not quite to the teen years but youthful. I'm very pleased with it.