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Stylist: Ginger

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

As others have said, New Creations is a salon unlike any I have visited--interior design that compels you to feel happy--and staff dispositions that reflect beautiful souls engaging amazing acts of service for their families and communities--just because it feels right. That is an incredible energy to be around! Biracial and adopted, raised in a small Midwestern town, my hair is something I have studied and longed to embrace my entire life. From bad cuts, to disastrous color, to gentle encouragement to get relaxers and flat iron it--many well-intentioned people have advised me to do anything but embrace that which is me... Always seeing the "potential," but also accepting a sense that my hair COULD be really pretty with a resigned "it is what it is." It's hard to find words to describe the feelings I had after Ginger worked her magic using Deva techniques. I had been doing a lot of things "right", but learned so much more... When she turned me around to see my finished hair, I nearly cried--it was as though some place inside of me said, "THERE you are! I knew you were here all along..." There is tremendous power in seeing yourself--your CURLS--as you always dreamed they could be, and KNOWING they indeed ARE beautiful JUST AS THEY ARE. As the staff took photos of my "after" hair, I did cry... 39 years--and for the first time in my life, I left a salon feeling like I looked like the best version of myself... And that's a transformative gift!

REVIEWED BY: svietor  |  6.12.12

Stylist: Ginger

Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

I got a Deva Curl cut for the first time and all I can say is WOW ! Ginger gave me an amazing haircut. My curls look the best they have in my life. I didn't even know there were salons that specialized in curly hair. I'm so glad I found this salon. Ginger is friendly & down to earth, she talked me through every step on how to do my hair at home. I would highly recommend her and the Deva Curl Cuts.

REVIEWED BY: Jvpro99  |  3.16.12

Stylist: kasey

I found New Creations Salon after working my way through a number of (bad) stylists. The first time I visited Kasie at New Creations - who works wonder with color - I had a horrible color job and was pretty cynical, thinking I would never find someone that could get curly hair. Kasie listens to what you want, considers the essentials like facial structure and skin tone, and gives you his suggestions. The result? Fabulous color that compliments your face and makes you love your hair (perhaps after a long history of frustration!). I've also had cuts with Lindsey who is also wonderful with listening and making the most out of your particular type of hair. Everyone in the salon has been friendly, fun, and provide great service in a relaxed atmosphere. You can tell the staff enjoy what they are doing. And do these girls ever know curly hair !! I have never learned more about my hair in such a short period of time. I have ridiculously thick curly hair that can be unruly and time-consuming - I've never felt rushed or pressured. Also, after going to many a salon where I get hounded to buy their products - I've never felt sales pressure - which is nice! So...get yourself over to New Creations Salon with any of the won't be disappointed!

Stylist: Kasie

Kasie is FABULOUS. On my 45th birthday my daughter told me it was time for a change. She made me an appointment at New Creations salon. I was VERY NERVOUS. I didn’t think I needed a new look; I have been gray since I was 30 and have naturally curly hair. There wasn’t much that could be done, boy was I wrong !! Kasie changed my entire look by changing my hair color and style. She gave me highlights & Lowlights and taught me how to use a diffuser for my hair dryer. She really took the time to show me how to style my hair. She showed me exactly where/how to apply the products & how to hold the hair dryer so I could duplicate his fabulous look at home. She is patient with those that are not quick learners like me (thank goodness). The owner Sandra shaped my eyebrows to perfection & tinted them (which I will never do without again. Who knew??). I’ve never received so many compliments on my looks. Friends and co workers could not believe how the new style made me look so much younger. It’s so nice to hear. The conditioners and styling products (she gave me tons of FREE sample to try before I buy) help keep my hair looking young and silky. If you are looking for someone to help you understand your hair Kasie is the stylist for you. You will be amazed. They have a great Atmosphere, not a factory shop, personal and dedicated service

Stylist: Katie/Sandra

I made an appointment at New Creations based on the recommendations on this site. When I got there, I didn't know that my stylist, Katie, was in the middle of her first week as a professional stylist. And if it hadn't come up in conversation, I wouldn't have known it from the cut and color she gave me either--she did an AMAZING job. She and Sandra, the owner, consulted with me in detail about the color. They ended up doing two separate foils to give me a multidimensional, rich color that is without doubt the best I've ever had in 20 years of coloring my hair. As for the cut, I sort of vaguely described what I had in mind, and Katie understood perfectly and gave me a gorgeous cut. My friends can't stop complimenting me on it a week later. I left with a bunch of samples and some new products (which I needed--they didn't pressure me to buy them), looking better than I have in ages. Plus, Sandra and her whole staff are incredibly friendly and make you feel at home. The relaxed, fun atmosphere might not be for everybody, but I really enjoyed it. I'll be going back to New Creations for as long as I live in KC.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  11.16.07

Stylist: Lindsey

These guys know curly hair. I got the best cut I have had in 6 yrs. I also somehow got rid of my ever present bell look I have been sporting forever. I learned more about curly hair in the 2 hrs I was there then ever in my life. Also, they gave me free samples of everything they used on my hair that day.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  11.8.07

Stylist: Lindsey

Lindsey makes “curl magic”. Best Salon in KC Having extremely curly, frizzy, big, dry & very difficult to deal with hair all my life. I gave up on getting it to be gorgeous, shiny, bouncy curls that had ringlets to die for after maybe disaster #15 or so. They always start by letting me know ALL the amazing things my hair was about to become and be. Let’s just say “the magic” never happened. I felt like there was something wrong with me, my hair, b/c it never behaved the way I or even the pro’s said it should. Honestly I had a great deal of shame and insecurities about my curls and my hair in general. I retreated to putting it in a ponytail 90% of the time. My sister and I were blessed w/ the same hair. After going to New Creations Salon, she stopped by my house glowing and bouncing with excitement and joy. She looked fabulous… I am always so nervous when I am getting my hair done, fearing I will be spun around in the chair and be feel disappointed. My experience was very different the moment I had picked up the phone. They actually asked my about my hair & they seemed to know my curls. They told to not shampoo or to use only a sulfate free shampoo & to towel dry my hair b/f adding (to the ends only) conditioner. My hair looked better than it had in years b/f I even got there!!! Lindsey made me feel comfortable and confident b/f ever picking up her scissors. She asked a lot of questions about me, my lifestyle and styling habit. I got the most amazing haircut and my first hair color (highlight w/ lowlights). My hair has never looked better in my life truly. It is sooo shiny and has dimension. Who knew some aluminum foil could make my hair look so good.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  11.7.07