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Stylist: Samara

After growing out my 3c/4a hair for over 3 years, I figured it was time to get a curly girl cut. My previous stylist only knew how to cut my hair after flat ironing it straight. In July, I went to Salon Basia at the recommendation of another Naturallycurly member and had a consult with Samara who also cut my hair that day. She listened to me and cut my hair (which proved to be a challenge due to so many textures) to my specifications. I loved it, but as I did many wash N gos and let it grow out for several months I noticed my style actually resembled that dreaded pyramid or mushroom look. This October I went back and asked Samara for a better shape and style, she listened to me and also gave suggestions and gave me a very nice, cute cut all while dealing with the numerous textures. I LOVE my wash n go and braidouts now. Samara works with many curl types and was Deva trained in NY. I would recommend her to another curly girl for sure....P.S. Samara uses MopTop products.

Stylist: Jessi

I just found Jessi and she is great. She did the "Curly Girl" dry cut on me and I love it. She cut each curl individually since each curl lays differently. My curls have never looked so good. I will be going back!!! I also bought the DevacCurl products that she sells and they are amazing! I am hooked!

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  3.22.07