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Stylist: GINA
Rating: Salon Rating: 5 Scissors

Haven't actually had my hair cut by Gina, but wanted to let people know that she is no longer at Abbinito either.

Stylist: Gina

I just reviewed Gina at Abbinito in Ashland, and I saw that this was still listed. Unfortunately Aphrodites is no longer, but Gina is at Abbinito!! She's awesome!

Stylist: Gina!

Found Gina at Aphrodite's after 50 years of bad--or mediocre at best--haircuts. Had several cuts with her before she left the salon. She wrote out detailed instructions, at my request, for me to give to a future stylist, and had two seriously botched cuts after that. Vowed to never go to a salon again, just let it grow long, as I always resort to, and trim the ends myself. Discovered she had returned to Aphrodite's and made a beeline for the salon the very same day. She repaired my hair and gave it its groove back and I'm a happy camper once again! Stylists pretend to know how to cut curly hair--they don't, and you find out the hard way. Gina, being the intelligent, inquisitive, creative spirit that she is, has taught herself to really analyze your hair and knows how to give you a customized cut based on the qualities of your hair. No bs. I've always been told that thinning, especially with a razor, is forbidden for curly hair. Yet, one of my biggest challenges is bulk. She inspired confidence in me right from the start, even telling me that she could take out the bulk with a razor. She did! My hair has never looked better. It has its groove back, flow and motion. Warning! Don't try this at home! Gina is a gem of a person, a fantastic stylist, who could easily make a fortune in NY or LA, but prefers to do her thing in the quiet beauty of Ashland. She's very pleasant to be with, and Aphrodite's doesn't do nails and doesn't smell like chemicals. Normally I detest going to salons, but look forward to my visits there, it's so relaxing. I would be happy to share my experiences with you, or answer any questions, if I can: alice@dormouse.net

Stylist: GINA

What an incredible stylist! I'm so happy she has decided to come back to Aphrodite's! I have never found another stylist who knows how to cut my curly hair, anywhere! She is trully a hair artist!