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1 Aromatic Lotion

An alcohol-free, antiseptic toner for hair and scalp, as well as a styling aid for air and blow-drying.

When air or blow-drying the hair, Aromatic Lotion makes hair more manageable without stiffness or stickiness. A blend of chamomile, lavender, white tea and ylang ylang has antiseptic and moisturizing qualities which benefit the scalp and control static.

In the morning,...

2 Mud Mask

This instant moisturizing treatment for your hair and scalp is a combination of Dead Sea mud, minerals, and natural herb extracts.

Mud Mask leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. It supplies vital elements, prevents flaking, makes hair more manageable and adds sheen.


  • Intensive and immediate moisture improvement of all types of hair and...

3 Trigel Light Hold

A light-hold alcohol-free gel which moisturizes the hair, accentuates curls and prevents frizz.

Enhance your curls with Trigel and prevent "frizzies" by sealing in moisture to protect against humidity. Moisturizing plant extracts make your hair soft and silky.

Trigel won't build-up and is easily brushed out. Color protection is added to prevent color fade....

4 G Shampoo

G Shampoo is great when all you need to do is maintain your healthy hair and scalp. The combination of moisture and protein brings out your hair's innate volume and sheen. G Shampoo removes product build-up on the hair and scalp and is mild enough for daily use.

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5 Activate Scalp Lotion

A unique blend of biotin-linked peptides, citrus fruit flavonoids, caffeine, olive leaf and saw palmetto extracts extends the growing (anagen) phase of the hair by suppressing DHT, stimulating the metabolism and improving microcirculation. This significantly reduces hair loss.

6 O Shampoo

O Shampoo balances an oily scalp and treats oily flakes. A mixture of amino acids, herbal extracts and essential oils gently cleanses and calms the scalp while silk proteins protect against color fade and heat damage. The liquid consistency ensures even distribution to the hair and scalp. O Shampoo is mild enough for daily use and for chemically-processed or color-treated hair.

7 Balm Leave-In Conditioner

Quick and easy conditioning without rinsing out. Protects hair from heat-styling, the elements and UV rays. A leave-on hair conditioner, detangler and end protector to protect the hair and make it smooth and shiny. Based on Seaweed. Excellent for coarse, curly hair.

Balm moistures and softens coarse, curly hair and coarse, damaged hair. A combination of proteins, botanicals and seaweed...

8 Balance Scalp Lotion

This daily maintenance lotion benefits healthy hair growth, strengthens keratin, helps prevent scales and balances scalp functions. Adding drops of Aestelance Aromazone essential oils creates a tailor-made scalp lotion for treating specific aesthetic conditions.

9 DF Shampoo

DF Shampoo volumizes dry, fine hair. We have combined silk proteins and amino acids to add volume and strengthen chemically-processed and color-treated hair. Natural extracts of hops, avocado and basil add sheen and moisture while leaving your hair feeling weightless. DF Shampoo balances a dry, flaky scalp and is mild enough for daily cleansing

10 AS Shampoo

Our AS shampoo is specifically designed to break down chlorine molecules that attach to the hair during swimming, so your hair is as soft as when you first stepped into the pool. The special silk proteins protect against heat and color fade. Additional moisturizing ingredients make AS shampoo beneficial after all swimming, including ocean or lake, and often eliminate the need for extra...

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