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11 Style lotion medium hold

One of our most versatile styling products, Style lotion creates volume and is ideal for medium-hold styling, setting or air/blow drying. A cocktail of essential oils moisturizes your hair, gives it sheen and makes it more manageable.

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12 D Shampoo

D Shampoo nurtures dry hair (medium to coarse texture), dry scalp and dry flaky scalp back to health. We have combined natural lipids and moisturizers to restore your hair's softness and sheen. Silk proteins and amino acids strengthen chemically-processed hair and protect against color fade. D Shampoo is mild enough for daily cleansing and color-treated hair.

13 Calm Scalp Lotion

Extracts of chamomile, cactus, aloe vera, bee pollen and lavender calm and moisturize a reddened, flushed scalp. It's also perfect on a hot day or after a workout. Apply to sunburned skin for an instant cooling effect.

14 FI Shampoo

FI Shampoo relieves an irritated and flaky scalp. We have combined vegetable proteins, amino acids, essential oils and herbal extracts to reduce flaking, ease itching and balance your scalp. Silk proteins protect against color fade and heat damage. The liquid consistency ensures even distribution to the hair and scalp. FI Shampoo is mild enough for daily use and for chemically-processed or...

15 GL Shampoo

GL Shampoo, created for frequent use, soothes a sensitive scalp and is excellent for delicate hair, long hair and children's hair. A mix of proteins, lipids and moisture makes your hair shinier, smoother and stronger while silk proteins protect against color fade and heat damage. The liquid consistency ensures even distribution to your hair and scalp. GL Shampoo is mild enough for daily use and...

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16 MC Shampoo

Formulated to intensely moisturize all types of hair, especially damaged hair, and moisturizes dehydrated scalps.

MC Shampoo moisturizes your dehydrated hair and scalp through a blend of hibiscus, life everlasting and seaweed extracts. Jojoba and lavender add softness and shine while silk proteins protect against heat and color fade. MC Shampoo is mild enough for daily use and for...

17 Lustre finishing spray

Lustre gives a high-gloss finish to any style. Camellia oil acts as a natural sun filter and also shields against humidity and "frizzies."

18 Energy Leave-In Strengthener

Adds strength, moisture and sheen to all types of hair but especially fine, limp and fragile hair. Protects against heat damage and color fade.

19 Oil Complex Repair Treatment

This intensive treatment for hair and scalp brings all damaged hair to life and keeps the scalp in healthy condition.

20 Protein Mask

A balanced blend of silk amino acids, fatty acids and moisture-binding substances makes this a very versatile and effective treatment for very dry, very porous and severely damaged hair.

Silk proteins, blended fatty acids, and seaweed extracts in the Protein Mask leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth. The lipids improve elasticity and bind moisture to give your curls more bounce and...

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