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1 Keratin Conditioner

Formulated to complement the strengthening benefits of Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Conditioner takes hair to a new level of manageability, and takes you to a new level of Peace.

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2 Keratin Shampoo

Keratin Shampoo is formulated to build strong, healthy hair. It is the perfect blend of the highest quality natural ingredients, such as Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract, and the best of modern science -- Keratin. Whatever your hair type, Keratin Shampoo will smooth, hydrate, and strengthen from root to tip, preparing your hair for the added benefits of Andre Walker's Keratin...

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3 Hair Make Up

Formulated to cover your hairline, your part, or long gray strands, Hair Make-Up goes on in seconds, then dries in seconds, with a naturally lustrous shine and finish. And roots or no roots, use Hair Make-Up to create dramatic highlights that match your mood, using one (or two!) of five available colors. When you wash your hair, Hair Make-Up rinses away, letting you plan your next big entrance!...

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4 Q-Oil Quench Essential Oil

Made from the purest Virgin Argan Oil of Morocco, this light, easy to use oil absorbs instantly into the hair, creating amazing shine. Your hair will be easier to manage, stronger, and smoother with just a little Q-Oil applied to your driest areas every day. Comes in a convenient dispenser for just the right amount.

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