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1 Sprunch Hairspray

Strong hold Sprunch and go for casual, carefree style Sprunch hair spray holds onto your smooth, wavy style... even when you get carried away. add some roo to your do It's simple, really. Sprunch hair spray holds onto your smooth, wavy style... even when you get carried away.

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2 Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

For weak, distressed hair. Strengthens and detangles. Our unique formula, when blended with Tea Tree Oil, conditions and enhances the shine of your hair.

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3 Aussome Volume Styling Mousse

Maximum hold formula Light and fluffy mousse Weightless control for full bodied volume from roots to tips Natural looking volume, all day long Australian hops are blended with unique formula to enhance body and fullness of hair Aussie Aussome Volume Styling Mousse, Maximum Hold gives you multiple styles. Which works out, because the plural of mousse is still mousse.

4 Sprunch Hairspray (Aerosol)

Create and control wavy or curly styles. Use on wet hair to help shape and on dry hair to hold your look. Aussie catch the wave regular scented sprunch hair spray aerosol, flexible Style it. Scrunch it. Finish it. Your style will thank you for it. Aussie - Add some Roo to your do.

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5 Instant Freeze Maximum Hold Styling Gel

Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel contains natural Australian wild cherry bark. Bring out your inner Greek Goddess with a hold that would make Alexandros of Antioch (Venus De Milos creator) one jealous sculptor. With Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel, youre the artist and the reveled beauty to behold.

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6 Sydney Smooth Tizz No Frizz Gel

Sydney Smooth Tizz No Frizz Gel, infused with Australian Silk Protein, turns frenetic frizz into serious smooth for a style that stays just right.

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7 Confidently Clean Conditioner

A great hair conditioner is simply essential. Aussie Confidently Clean Conditioner has got you covered in that department. Quick and easy for no-worries hair. Confidently Clean Conditioner: the great conditioning follow up to Confidently Clean shampoo. With a Touch of Natural Australian Desert Lime and Guava. Add some roo to your do.

8 Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Reconstructor for Damaged Hair

Deeply intense conditioning Accented with tea tree oil Penetrates and reconstructs dry or damaged hair with TLC Aussie 3 Minutes Miracle Reconstructor deeply intense conditioning, accented with tea tree oil, penetrates dry or damaged hair with TLC

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9 Moist Conditioner

With splashes of natural aloe, replenishes natural moisture for healthy locks worth gushing about.

* Conditions to quench dry, thirsty hair
* Biodegradable surfactants
* Contains natural Australian ingredients

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10 Sydney Smooth Conditioner

Fights Frizz And Rinses Clean For Silky Locks Soothing Conditioner For Frizzy Situations Contains Natural Australian Ingredients

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