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1 Lemon Peel Shine Rinse

Finish your cleansing and conditioning routine with the cuticle-closing action of apple cider vinegar, and shining-enhancing lemon peel. With the astringent action of tea tree oil, this rinse is refreshing for oily hair types.

2 Banana Avocado Deep Mask

A Bear Fruit favorite for its deep conditioning from fresh avocado fruit, and moisture-retention properties of banana. One of the simplest, yet most nourishing, concoctions for dry hair. For dry hair, drown your strands in this for hours, if you like.

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3 Lemon Peel Mint Cleansing Conditioner

This conditioner has tested well as a cleanser, conditioner and leave-in in one. With natural cleansing properties of grapefruit and great nourishing and sealing power of shea butter, in addition to the huge moisture you've come to know of Bear Fruit Hair, the Shea 'N Fruit has shown to help porous strands and cause beautiful shine.

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4 Shea Almond Coconut Deep Cream Conditioner

The scent of almond creates a thoroughly enjoyable deep conditioning experience. 'Deep' because of the shea butter, which, if left to absorb into your strands will, along with purified water, prevent brittleness and breakage.

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5 Hibiscus Banana Light Creme Conditioner

We love hibiscus, because it both cures dandruff and adds natural color to hair. And banana is one of our most favorite fruits to put into hair, because of its moisture-retention properties. If only we could create a banana leave-in (we can't, because dried banana in your hair wouldn't be very appealing, would it?). One day, perhaps.

6 Mango Macadamia Mask

Soak your strands in lots of mango butter and macadamia nut oil.

7 Angel Creme Light Conditioner

We call it 'Angel' because it's pink, from the hibiscus flower, and sweet smelling, from the cinnamon in it. When mixed in with conditioner, cinnamon is actually a natural hair lightener that isn't drying to hair. If used for a short period of time, it will lighten dark hair 3-4 shades lighter. Hibiscus is also a natural hair dye used in ayurvedic hair care. This conditioner is likely to give...

8 Desert Moisturizer and Leave-in Conditioner

With the hydration that dry hair needs, and the nourishing oils to seal in moisture, this is Bear Fruit Hair's best-selling product, formulated for the driest hair conditions. With daily use, you'll see your dry hair brought back to life. Unscented.

9 Cotton Cream Cleansing Conditioner

The marshmallow and slippery elm bark create a 'slip' that makes it easier to detangle hair as you condition and cleanse. The active herbs are steeped into this conditioner, and slide away debris on your strands. The mucilage of both marshmallow and slippery elm make them great conditioning herbs due to their water retention properties.

10 Ginger Orange Cleansing Conditioner

Orange is a cleansing fruit that adds softness and shine to hair, increases scalp circulation, and offers a refreshing scent. Ginger contains fatty acids recommended for hair thinning/loss, and increases circulation in the scalp to stimulate hair follicles. Also contains palm fruit kernel oil, and coconut oil, with added benefits of great detangling and helping dandruff.

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