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1 Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant

Biolustre Renew Daily Conditioning Sealant is a light-weight daily conditioner designed to lay the cuticle of the hair down and seal in moisture. With ingredients like mint and tea tree oil, this conditioner provides a nice soothing sensation on the scalp.

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2 Restore Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo

Biolustre Restore Daily Maintenance Treatment Shampoo gently cleanses and helps repair distressed hair. Biolustre's exclusive Lustreloc Technology delivers low levels of the patent pending polymer to provide added strength and shine. Use daily as a shampoo.

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3 Release Cleansing Shampoo

Biolustre Release Cleansing Shampoo is a gentle, low in pH cleansing shampoo, designed to remove the excess oils and product build-up from the hair prior to using the Biolustre Revive Instant Repair. The gentle nature of this product makes it excellent for daily use.

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4 Revive Instant Repair Treatment

Revive Instant Repair uses patent pending cross linking polymer to bond the inner layer of the hair shaft.

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