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11 Curl Styling Butter

This aloe-based, curl-taming butter cream is a rich styling moisturizer for medium to highly textured hair, that dries with a touchable feel. It has added soft hold for wonderful definition even with the most defiant curls. It contains shea butter, chamomile, and sunflower oil, and top-of-the-line conditioners. This butter will moisturize, defrizz and give you definition, with soft hold all at the...

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12 Happy Nappy Styles

A rich, moisturizing styling cream for kinky curls. Aloe- and shea-butter-based for conditioning, it also helps define kinky curls or hard to define curls, and lock dreads. Create styles that stay, and keep your hair moisturized with only one product. This is an extremely hydrating cream for thirsty curls and afro-type hair. It is richer than the styling butter and gives definition galore!...

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13 Curly Frizz Pudding

This unique, aloe-based curly pudding defines and conditions curls. This is an original blend with the texture of a pudding. It is very lightweight and brings curls together with plenty of shine. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as chamomile, meadowfoam oil and glycerin, and of course it contains Blended Beauty's nutrient mix of silk protein, lecithin, and cystein for beauty and...

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14 Light Styling Lotion

A light curl defining aloe moisturizer, for waves and cupid curls or fine limp hair.

This curl taming styling lotion defines curls and waves while moisturizing with shea butter and grapeseed oil, in a light weight formulation. A smoothing ingredient, beantree, detangles and leaves hair satiny and flowing with body. This light lotion will moisturize, defrizz and give you definition, with...

15 Kinky Curls Gift Pack

This great gift pack for Kinky Curls includes:

  • Happy Nappy Styles: For Defining and Moisturizing Highly Textured Curls.
  • SilkShake: A Spray Lotion for Shine and Detangling.
  • Natural Hair Oil: For Softness and Moisture with Shine.

16 Cute and Comfy Adjustable Sleeping Cap

The Cute & Comfy Sleeping Cap is adjustable to your hair size/amount or can accommodate curlers or hairdos with bobbles and barrettes. It also opens at the top to allow long dreads or braids to hang loose, if desired. The long lasting elastic is comfortable and does not touch the skin. It is easy to slide over hairdos from above or below. Hand-wash and lay flat to dry. The nightcap is...

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