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31 Maximum Hold Hair Spray

Brocato Maximum Hold Hair Spray is an exceptional holding aerosol hair spray that delivers a resistant and brilliant finish. After styling your hair, use Brocato's Maximum Hold Hair Spray as a finishing tool for maximum hold. The finishing spray provides maximum hold and shine to any hairstyle. Hair has tremendous shine, manageable control and enhanced volume.

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32 Shatter Chaos Paste

Brocato Shatter Chaos Paste is an extra-firm molding paste that affords flexibility and texture to wet, dry and heat-styled hair. Creates texture and chaotic hair designs. Shatter Chaos Paste can be used at any stage of the styling and finishing process to add a bit of texture. Brocato's Shatter Chaos Paste is unique because it adds a sense of multi-directional mayhem and control to all hair...

33 Shimmer Pearlescent Spray

Brocato Shimmer Pearlescent Spray is a subtle, sparkling spray of pearlescent flecks. Apply to hair after styling to add a sexy glow to your hair, skin or clothes. Shimmer Pearlescent Spray adds subtle glamour to any look. This one-of-a-kind product features pearlescent flecks which provide delicate shine and sparkle.

34 Texture Créme

Texture Creme - This lightweight texture creme is recommended for adding shape, hold and shine to wet, dry and heat styling.

35 Vibracolor Fire & Ice Fade Prevent Potion

Brocato Vibracolor Fire & Ice Fade Prevent Potion is an “intelligent” potion that heals dehydrated hair while imparting shine and climate controlled hold. Abundant with emollients and anti-oxidants, this amazing potion will provide color stability with a beautiful shine. This potion should be used by those who want a styling product that provides additional conditioning & moisture to hair....

36 Vibracolor Versa-Fix Fade Prevent Spray Gel

Brocato Vibracolor Versa-Fix Fade Prevent Spray Gel is an “intelligent” spray gel that is ALCOHOL FREE. It will provide protection from the effects of the environment and impart humidity-resistant hold. It doubles as a great finishing spray with conditioning, reconstructive characteristics. This spray gel can be used on all lengths and hair textures ... for curly and smooth looks....

37 Volumizing Tonic Spray

Brocato Volumizing Tonic Spray is a non-aerosol volumizer for use on all hair types that require extra thickness, volume and fullness. This product contains ingredients that help shield hair from sun and other harmful elements. This unique product creates volume by increasing the diameter of each hair shaft. Use when thicker, fuller hair with incredible shine is desired.

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