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11 Croc Limited Edition Pink Breast Cancer AC Designer Dryer

This Croc Limited Edition Pink Breast Cancer AC Designer Dryer has all the features of the other Croc AC Dryer with sales going to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

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12 Croc Hybrid Curling Iron

Croc Hybrid Curling Iron features the ease of a spring-style clamp curling iron with the rotating handle of a marcel, making it easy for wrapping the hair around the barrel evenly and quickly.

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13 Croc Silicone Round Brush

Croc Silicone Round Brush features features a strong, durable silicone strip offering a unique anti-slip design while styling hair.

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14 Croc Pro Brushes

Free yourself of fly aways and static with Croc Pro Brushes!

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15 Croc Boar Bristle Paddle Brush

Croc Boar Bristle Paddle Brush features 100% boar bristles which helps to distribute healthful, natural oils throughout hair.

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16 Croc Paddle Brush

Croc Paddle Brush has massage tip bristles which penetrate even the thickest and coarsest of hair with ease while still providing a comfortable massage like feel.

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17 Croc Hair Clips

Croc Hair Clips are perfect for sectioning hair and holding it securely in place.

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18 Croc 2 Ceramic Flat Iron (1")

Croc 2 Ceramic Flat Iron seals the hairs cuticle to prevent split ends while reducing frizz and maintaining the hairs natural moisture, oil and color.

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19 Croc Stik Styling Iron

Croc Stik Styling Iron features floating plates, soft cushion system, and advanced ceranyx plates to create easy passes throughout the hair without tension.

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20 Croc Baby Croc Mini Flat Iron Light Pink

The Light Pink Baby Croc Mini Flat Iron provides professional quality styling all the while giving 10% of the proceeds from sales during the month of October to fund Breast Cancer Research.

$26.00 Buy Now

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