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1 Pre-Wash Curl Definer

Defines & elongates curls, adds moisture and helps prevent shrinkage for up to 3-4 washes. No chemicals.

2 Sweet Buttah

The buttery solution is perfect for hydrating your natural hair and will give you funky two-strand twists and more.

3 Clean Shampoo

Make your hair do right by you with this no suds shampoo. Clean Shampoo will gently clean your hair and get rid of the grime that’s weighing it down.

4 Mint Condition Conditioner

Made with Grade A Shea butter and jojoba oil with a Mango/Papaya smell, your hair will be in mint condition.

5 Wicked Twist It

Whipped to buttery perfection with a citrus splash smell. Perfect for overall shine, locking, dry two strand twists, and more!

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