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21 Defining System Defining Shaping Gel

A strong setting gel enriched with cellulose polymers. Provides flexible & manageable control on your hair. Fixes, shapes & supports whatever styles you create. Gives extra shine & fights against dehydration. Perfect for wet looks or offers a firm base treatment.

22 Essential Hair Care Nounou Nourishing Repairing Mask

Davines Nounou Nourishing Repairing Mask heals dry, brittle hair the Davines way – with effective active ingredients that offer immediate action. Dry hair needs instant hydration and nourishment to keep it looking and feeling healthier. Davines Nounou Mask contains moisturizing Olive Butter to nourish, soften and protect hair (while preventing flyaways!) and Jojoba Oil is infused to soften hair...

23 Nature Tech Nourishing Hairbuilding Pak 2

A conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Excellent for poorly nutritioned and damaged hair. Reinforces hair strength, increases volume and resistance. Gives shine and softness to hair.

24 Natural Tech Bio_O Invisible Styling Cream

Invisible protection, antiradical action, protective colour screen, for a silky, conditioned effect. Gives invisible, soft, natural support to the style. Suitable for every kind of hair.

25 Natural Tech Bio_O Invisible Paste Soft Hold

This styling agent gives invisible impact to sculpt your hair. Offers anti-radical action to preserve hair. Builds volume, texture & adds shine. Feather light without weighing down hair. Leaves you a chic hair style with long lasting effects. Perfect for fine & treated hair.

26 Essential Hair Care Nounou Nourishing Illuminating Cream Conditioner for Color-Treated Hair

Kick your color into high gear with Davines Nounou Nourishing Illuminating Cream Conditioner. This luxuriously rich cream blends a host of interactive ingredients to restructure, nourish and restore body to color treated hair. Sweet Almond Butter and Vitamin F work together to internally restructure the hair shaft and replenish nourishment, Hydrocreatine internally strengthens hair and increases...

27 Natural Tech Energizing Activist Lotion for Fine or Thinning Hair

Gives essential nourishment to scalp to fortify hair growth Controls hair loss & improves elasticity. Features Tissue Respiration Factor to restore cellular activity Strengthens roots & weakened hair. Ideal treatment for fine & thinning hair.

28 Natural Tech Energizing Vitamin Activist Gel for Fine or Thinning Hair

Combines ATP Molecule with Yeast Extract. Helps cellular respiration & proliferation. Boosts circulation to strengthen roots & hair shaft

29 Defining System Defining Shine Drops

A unique product in drops to promote wellness of your hair. Fights against environmental & physical stress. Imparts ultimate, long lasting shine. Ultra light without weighing down your hair. Leaves your hair beautiful & healthy.

30 Natural Tech Well Being De Stress Yogurt Buffer Gel

Provides volume, texture & shine to hair. Enriched with nutrients, minerals & vitamins. Incredibly nourishes & regenerates hair. Strengthens hair from the damage of external aggression. Leaves hair smooth, soft & healthy.

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