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41 Defining System Defining Relaxing Fluid Styling Foam

The Davines formulated this unique Defining Relaxing Fluid to straighten and control unruly and coarse hair without weighing it down. The mixture of natural Meadowfoam Extract and Panthenol hydrates your hair from within, adds shine and protects it from heat styling, while silicones add brilliance to the hair and perfectly condition it. Davines recommends applying a small amount of Defining...

42 Defining System Defining Wonder Wax

A versatile molding wax for straight or curly hair. Contains silicone for perfect manageability. Loaded with a silicone derivative to give extra shine & vitality. Shapes & holds the coolest styles with ultimate control. Gives your hair style a striking effect.

43 Energizing Shampoo

For Scalp and Fragile, Thinning Hair With caffeine phytoceutical Parabens and sulphates free Stimulating and revitalizing shampoo for the scalp and fragile hair prone to falling out.

44 Natural Tech Energizing Activist Lotion for Fine or Thinning Hair

Gives essential nourishment to scalp to fortify hair growth Controls hair loss & improves elasticity. Features Tissue Respiration Factor to restore cellular activity Strengthens roots & weakened hair. Ideal treatment for fine & thinning hair.

45 Nature Tech Nourishing Hairbuilding Pak 2

A conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Excellent for poorly nutritioned and damaged hair. Reinforces hair strength, increases volume and resistance. Gives shine and softness to hair.

46 No 8 Quick Setting Hard Hold Gel for Wizards

This quick setting gel was formulated with specific Resins to provide strong structure and control with a soft sheen. You can mold and define styles, emphasize texture or slick hair back. Panthenol moisturizes and adds shine while Silicones provide flake

47 All In One Milk

Davines - NEW OI/ All In One Milk !! Leave in treatment multi-benefit spray enriched with roucou oil. - Adds Shine - Adds softness / Silkiness - detangling power - use on dry or wet hair - Give body without weighing hair down - heat protection - Long lasting hair style Leave your hair soft and resistant to stress and protects the hair form heat damage. DOES NOT CONTAIN PARABENS.

48 Su Creme

An anti-aging, protective cream with emollient and moisturizing properties that cares for the health and well-being of hair exposed to sun, sea and chlorine. Davines SU Cream is formulated with anti-oxidant and protective agents that protect hair from the sun's UV rays leaving it soft and moisturized. The presence of specific silicone agents guarantees hair silky shine. Contains UV filters.

49 Energizing Lotion

Fine & Thinning Hair: Essential oils of Cajeput and Sage along with extracts of Cardamon, Ginger, Nettle, Angelica and Ginko Biloba deliver essential nutrients to the scalp, stimulating hair growth. Panthenol and Hydrolized Keratin fortify roots and weak hair to improve its suppleness. We recommend applying to the scalp after shampooing with Vitamin Activist Shampoo, massage gently until...


Creamy, compact mousse, light to the touch and long-lasting. Its texture is similar to whipped cream.

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