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11 KerAcai Restorative Treatment

KerAcai Restorative Treatment combines a high percentage of pure keratin and acai berry extracts with antioxidants that infuse deeply into the cuticle of your hair. With the amazing benefits of Keratin and Acai berries paired with the convenience of a leave-in treatment, KerAcai instantly improves the health and life of your hair.

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12 Amazon Secret KerAcaiz Restorative Treatment

Pure Keratin is added to Açaí Berry extracts to form our KerAçaí Restorative Leave-in Treatment, which bonds with hair and delivers amazing retexturizing results. Pure Keratin is added to Açaí Berry extracts to form our KerAçaí Restorative Leave-in Treatment, which bonds with hair and delivers amazing retexturizing results. The entire Amazon Secret line uses nature's natural botanicals to...

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13 Get Closer Scalp Aid Shampoo

Nourishing ingredients penetrates deeply into the hair follicles to prevent oil build-up. Controls scalp flaking and itching. Incorporates peppermint and sunflower seed extract to rejuvenates scalp and stimulates blood vessels. Excellent for all hair types.

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14 Reviver Hair Repair Treatment

Enriched with Vitamin E beads. Reviver reconstructs and strengthens extremely damaged and fragile hair. Formulated with olive fruit extract, meadow foam seed extract, sweet almond extract, and wheat amino acids protein to deliver deep and intensive nourishment to coarse and dry hair without weighing it down.

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15 Safe-Guard Color Endure Conditioner

Designed to protect and detangle color-treat hair. Seals the cuticle to preserve color and creates shine. Incorporates amino acids and protein to shields hair colors from the cruel environment.

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16 Kerafusion Keratin Treatment

The Kerafusion by De Fabulous provides a top quality look with results lasting for at least 3 to 4 months (depending on hair type virgin hair lasts about 2 months. As keratin is infused into the hair, it penetrates deep into the damaged cuticle giving the hair a naturally straight look and leaving even the most porous hair silky, shiny and healthy. It is formulated especially for damaged,...

17 Get Closer Scalp Aid Conditioner

Helps repair and hydrate dry stressed scalp. Smooths, softens, and leaves hair silky without wearing the hair down. Contains peppermint and comprehensive healing ingredients to reduce itching, flaking, and excess oil on scalp. Helps to relax the mind and provides an energizing experience.

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18 Get Closer Scalp Aid Treatment

Rejuvenates the scalp and restores it to its healthiest state. Controls the outbreak of dandruff and decreases itching and scalp soreness. Incorporates peppermint, sweet almond extract, and meadow foam seed extract protein complex to add moisture to the most brittle hair. Also makes hair healthier and stronger.

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19 Safe-Guard Color Endure Treatment

Enriched with Vitamin E beads. Penetrates deeply into the hair structure and Seals the hair cuticles. Maintains and helps preserve hair color. Contains meadow foam seed extract, and olive fruit extract to provide intensive conditioning, and restores strength to the hair. Emollients nourish dry color treated hair while adding softness and shine.

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20 Amazon Secret MuruMuru Anti-Frizz Keratin Conditioner

MuruMuru Butter, which is proven to repair hair’s lipid barrier and intensely restore moisture, has been combined with Açaí Berry extracts and pure Keratin to form MuruMuru Anti-Frizz Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner.

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