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1 Leave-In Detangling Conditioner

Eliminates dryness, brittleness, and limpness; and is especially good on over processed, dull hair. Penetrates the hair shaft quickly while detangling and adding sheen making it excellent for fine, limp hair and ideal for wraps and roller sets. Can be used to remove braids, twists, and to detangle wigs and weaves.

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2 Moisture Conditioner

Moisture Conditioner is a unique moisture-rich conditioner with panthenol and silicones especially designed to: rebuild the moisture base, draw moisture to damaged areas to help prevent breakage; restore hair normal acid mantle pH; impart a non-oily silky feel with a glossy sheen; and detangle and improve hair comb ability.

3 Super Gro Hairdress

Super Gro Hair Dress promotes hair growth and keeps proper moisture balance while detangling even the hardest to manage hair. You'll feel it tingling as it works to make sure a dry, flaky scalp is only a distant memory and that luscious locks are a thing of the future!

Apply to scalp and temples for thinning hair to promote optimal hair growth. It tingles promoting circulation and...

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4 Stimulating Set

The Diva by Cindy Stimulating Set is comprised of a peppermint, camphor and menthol shampoo and conditioner, alcohol free with extreme moisturizing features. It is followed by a Leave-in Detangling Conditioner infused with panthenol (a B vitamin) which stops shedding and breakage. The Diva by Cindy Super Gro hair dress included with this package is a truly therapeutic scalp formulation designed to...

5 Moisture Shampoo

Restores balance, cleanses, and repairs damaged and chemically processed hair Moisture Shampoo is designed to give superior detangling and add moisture as it conditions all hair types. Excellent for chemically-processed hair.

6 Purr-fect Edges

Purr-fect Edges is a unique styling tool for creating those special effects. Use it to silken, define and shine, enhance color, create wispy or spiked effects....whatever your artistic freedom imagines.

Contains no alcohol, never greasy or oily, no waxy buildup to attract dirt or pollution. Assures proper moisture balance to cleanse scalp and prevent dryness. Imparts softness,...

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7 Stimulating Shampoo

A truly unique, therapeutic formula designed to gently & deeply clean hair and scalp; possesses special soothing agents combined to relieve itchy, flaky, & dry scalp commonly associated with dandruff & provides a pleasant tingling sensation as you enjoy healthy hair & a rejuvenated scalp.

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8 Silky Smooth Wrapping Lotion

This is an innovative formulation for Wraps, Finger Waves, Pump Waves, Soft Freezes, traditional set and blow drys. Can be used on wet and dry hair designs. Super Glossy, Natural Shine, never hard, easy comb out, quick drying, long lasting style, non-flaking. Leaves all textures of hair bouncy and feeling fabulous and divalicious.

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9 Ultimate Hair Treatment

Penetrates into the cuticle & rebuilds 90% of the hair bonds. Use as treatment for hair that is damaged, breaking or shedding. Stops Shedding and breakage instantly.

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10 Hair Polish

Shines and silkens hair instantly. Works great on wet and dry hair.

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