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1 White Tea & Lemon 5 Day Moisture With Shea Butter

5 Day Moisture is a unique styling cream that can be used for both twists and casual natural styles. An infusion of whipped organic shea, a dab of honey, and olive oil create a slightly creamy whipped butter with the light density of a moisturizing balm. It's especially good for color treated hair as it locks in and retains moisture, leaving color treated strands hydrated, lush, and vivid....

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"White Tea & Lemon 5 Day Moisture" is a unique styling cream that can be used for both twisting and casual styles. An infusion of whipped imported organic shea butter from Ghana, honey and olive oil; this creamy butter has the light density of a moisturizing balm, and penentrates deep into the hair shaft; unlike most Shea Butter's that sit atop of the hair and create a sticky film, White Tea &...

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3 Moisture Rich Shampoo Rinse

Moisture Rich Shampoo Rinse is a deep conditioning shampoo that cleanses hair and scalp. It's a silky texture shampoo that provides lots of suds. This non drying sulfate free formula, fortifies hair, enhances texture, shine, and leaves hair incredibly soft. A very simple recipe for strong, moisturized, shiny and healthy hair.

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4 Coconut Lime Oil Conditioning Cleanser

Coconut Lime Oil Conditioning Cleanser will deep condition strands, gently cleanse the scalp, and soften texture. It's a great detangler for tightly coiled and kinky hair especially. This non drying formula helps to fortify hair and enhance texture and shine; leaving strands incredibly soft, manageable, hydrated and clean. This is a smooth, creamy, and silky conditioner. An invigorating infusion...

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5 White Tea & Lemon Clarifying Shampoo

Our rich blend of botanical extracts naturally deep cleans hair with the proprieties of rich lemon, and ancient healing derivatives of herbal white tea. Gently removes dirt, environmental impurities, product build up, and chlorine without stripping hair of its natural oils. Excellent clarifying shampoo with a refreshing lemongrass scent. It's oh so refreshing! Sulfate Free.

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This twisting creme is delectable and delightful! Cocoa is usually very solid and artificial additives are added to soften it's texture. That didn't happen here! We simply used pure Organic Brazilian Cocoa Butter and mixed it with Refined Shea, Honey and whipped it with choice oils to soften it naturally without any artifical waxes to manipulate the texture. This whipped mixture of pure Brazlian...

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7 Greaseless GM Moisture

Greaseless (GM) Moisture is a unique and carefully scientifically crafted formula that will moisturize parched hair, strengthen the hair follicle, reduce breakage substantially, and silken texture instantly without leaving hair greasy, weighed down, and sticky. Originally created to be a twist out creme, our research has proven that GM is a multifunctional creme that can be used as an overnight...

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8 Puttyful - The Anti Gel

"Puttyful" is truly the anti-gel. Puttyful is a unique smoothing creme that holds unruly and hard to tame hair in place for a more sleek and manicured look. It acts like a gel, but without the carbomer and harsh chemicals that cause flaking and deplete moisture. Puttyful is an excellent alternative for styles that require medium to strong hold. For a light to medium hold add a small amount of...

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9 Go Deep Intense Hydration Deep Conditioner

A paraben free deep conditioner that utilizes the hydroscopic moisturizing proprieties of Argan oil, Rosehip, and Avocado. Combined with silk amino acids, pro vitamins, and protein to penetrate deep into the hair shaft of damaged and color treated strands reconstructing the cuticle without weighing hair down or causing build up. Behentrimonium Methosulfate gently detangles and provides excellent...

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10 Coconut Mango Repairing Mask

Coconut Mango Repairing Mask is a highly concentrated blend of 75% organic coconut fatty pulp, avocado puree, and hydrating oils and extracts. This rich, thick, and creamy formula is packed with protein, silk amino acids, and moisturizing proprieties that work diligently to restore chemically treated and severely damaged hair with continued use. Softens texture, locks in moisture and shine. This...

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