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11 JoiGel Firm

Designed for: Firm-hold gel styling Benefits: * Provides excellent support, control and shine for styling without flaking. * UV protectants condition and protect against daily environmental stress. * Maximum styling control, body and shine to support hard-to-hold hair.

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12 Ice Amplifier Mousse

This product will allow for maximum body, without heavy residue or stiffness. It will give a natural feel, without weighing down hair. Pomegranate, floral fragrance. Designed for all hair types, provides body and shine.

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13 Ice Finisher Hair Spray

A medium-hold working spray that goes on with a natural, non-sticky feel for brush-able hold that bends, shapes and flexes. Submits to your styling whims. Apply to dry hair, design it, shape it, stays all day. Benefits: include fast drying and UVA/UVB protection.

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14 Curl Definer

* This cream gel provides a soft, flexible hold that maintains curl definition. * Resins resist humidity, while kukui nut and avocado oils add condition and shine. * Achieve defined curls that are pliable, lustrous and manageable without leaving hair crunchy.

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15 Design Collection Dry Spray Wax

Designed for: Those who desire a textured, next-day hair look. Benefits: * A groundbreaking fusion of essential lipids, UVA/UVB filters and antioxidants to protect hair by shielding against ozonic and free radical damage. * A technologically superior combination of lightweight polyurethane resins to deliver maximum, long-lasting flexibility to any style. * An exclusive...

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16 Ice Controller Gel

A non-flaking, clean gel with silicone to give knockout shine. want control? get ready to take hold. Adds volume and shine. Medium to firm hold. Protects and maintains style with vitamins, catalysts and sea kelp. Fruity, floral fragrance. Directions: on damp hair, slick. sculpt. mold into shape. for extreme hold, apply to dry hair.

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17 Ice Hydrater Conditioner

Ice Hydrater conditioner provides just enough moisture. Never greasy or heavy. Helps tame tangels and frizz. Provides shine. Contains vitamins, catalysts, and sea kelp protect and maintains style.

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18 Ice Washer

Joico Ice Wahser Shampoo cleanses while reviving stressed hair. Ice Cocktail of vitamins, catalysts and sea kelp protects and maintains style.

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19 K-Pak Reconstruct Conditioner

Designed for: Damage repair Benefits: * Reconstructs, strengthens and detangles dry, damaged hair with K-PAK's Keratin Silicone Complex. * Hair feels smooth, silky and shiny with vitality and bounce.

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20 JoiWhip

Designed for: Firm-hold design Benefits: * This alcohol-free, firm-hold designing foam enriched with Kukui nut oil adds incredible shine, body and volume. * UV protectants condition and protect against daily environmental stress.

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