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1 Herbal Gel for Curly Hair

This Organic Gel has vitamins and proteins that strengthen your hair. A great seller for those that want a full hair style without hair being weighed down. Will not clog pores on the scalp! Will not contaminate hair follicles! A natural way to style your hair. No harsh alcohol or synthetic fragrance. Can be used on short or long hair for added body. Provides versatility and hold in...

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2 Anti-Humidity Pomade

Black hair being naturally dry attracts humidity as soon as you go outside. What was the perfect hair style can in minutes turn into a bad hair day. A humid environment can make hair look frizzy even after being outdoors only for a few seconds. Humidity is a challenge for hair frizz. This Anti-Humidity Pomade for frizz seals the cuticle with a protective natural barrier. Provides hold and...

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3 Conditioner for Natural Black Hair

This conditioner was formulated just for African Americans with natural hair. Experience our nourishing conditioner for natural black hair that gives you rich, healthy-looking hair. Enriched with natural conditioners and fruit-oil concentrates, penetrates deep into hair fibers to deliver rich, long-lasting moisture without weighing hair down. Enjoy the unique conditioning of natural...

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4 Leave-In Conditioner for Natural Black Hair

The chemicals in many conditioners sit on your hair and scalp and eventually may cause problems. Some chemicals do penetrate your hair and scalp. But is that something that you really want? The natural fruit oils, butters and herbal extracts in our natural conditioner will penetrate your scalp and hair to the deliver vitamins, minerals and proteins for beautiful naturally healthy black...

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5 Natural Detangler for Black Hair

If your goal is to reduce breakage and loose less hair our natural detangler is for you. This detangler gently unravels those tangles with the least amount of effort. The less amount of effort you use to detangle the less damage or breakage you with have. Works on even the toughest tangles. Your comb will glide through your hair. Herbal emollients work to detangle and...

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6 Loss and Thin Black Hair Treatment

Maybe you have it all wrong about your hair loss. You may be thinking Your hair may be thinning instead. As we get older the size of each hair shaft gets smaller. You still have the same number of follicles or hair, but each hair strand is thinner. This organic treatment is absorbed by each hair strand increasing its diameter for fuller thicker hair. Developed especially for the needs of...

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7 Shampoo to Remove Build Up

Use this shampoo to remove deposits or product build-up on your hair. Black hair needs lots of conditioning and it is common to use waxes and deep-conditioners. This creates build-up on hair and the scalp. Our natural shampoo removes build-up left over from other products like oils, treatments, creams, hair sprays, mousses, gels, waxes and pomades. This leaves your hair refreshed and full of...

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8 Herbal Hair Pomade for Black Hair

This organic hair pomade cream for black hair is versatile, lightweight and gives long-lasting flexible control with excellent anti-frizz benefits. This ultra-conditioning formula provides control without stiffness or greasiness. Mowrah and Avocado penetrate to nourish and smooth the hair shaft while Camelina provide superior conditioning. Helps nourish and protect hair, leaving a...

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9 Dry Hair Lotion for Natural Black Hair

This lotion will moisturize, de-frizz and give you definition,with soft hold all at the same time. This aloe based curl taming lotion is a rich styling moisturizer for medium to highly textured hair, that dries with a touchable feel. It has added soft hold for wonderful definition even with the most defiant curls. Formulated with premium ingredients like Shea butter, Lavender and...

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10 Creamy Shampoo for Natural Black Hair

An ultra rich creamy moisture replenishing formula specially created to enhance the natural vitality of your black hair. The hair of African Americans is unique. It is beautiful but delicate. This shampoo was formulated with natural moisture rich ingredients that meet the needs of African Americans with natural hair.

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