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31 Hair Play Dry Touch-Up

Instant, weightless surface conditioning. Instantly revives dried, overworked hair. Waterless, will not affect previous created style.

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32 Hair Play Texture Shampoo

Adds bulk for style-ready hair. Adds texture to even the finest hair. Ideal for short or layered haircuts.

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33 Hair Stay Max Gel

This quick drying shine gel, with Cranberry and Pepper, provides lasting hold with extreme setting abilities with no build-up or flaking.

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34 Hairstay Cranberry-Pepper Firm Hold Gel

An original firm holding gel that never flakes or causes build-up. Contains Cranberry and Pepper to help support the hold and protect the hair against the environment.

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35 Moist Repair Therapy Treatment

Rescue and repair for damaged hair.

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36 Hair Stay Clarify Shampoo

Removes dulling product and mineral buildup. Leaves hair clean and healthy, not stripped or dry. Gentle enough for daily use. Gentle enough for use on color-treated hair.

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37 Hair Play Gel Wax

The support and control of a gel. The flexibility and shine of a wax.

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38 Head Remedy Sensitive Shampoo

A delicate fragrance-free shampoo that gently cleanses and soothes irritated or sensitive scalps.

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39 Color Vitality Shampoo

Color protection and restored radiance. Seals in color to make it last up to 3 times longer. Preserves color vibrancy

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40 Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo

Illumination and restored radiance for lightened, highlighted or natural blondes. Fights yellowing.

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