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41 Moist Repair Therapy Treatment

Rescue and repair for damaged hair.

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42 Hair Play Clay Creme

A creative clay creme that provides a strong pliable hold and incredible matte finish. Ideal for shaping and controlling layered looks and short styles.

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43 Hair Play Texture Shampoo

Adds bulk for style-ready hair. Adds texture to even the finest hair. Ideal for short or layered haircuts.

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44 Add Volume Root and Body Lift

Lifts roots and provides targeted volume. Gives hair up to 70% more volume. Provides heat protection. Alcohol free.

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45 Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal

24-hour humidity-blocking formula. Shields hair from frizz. Provides a shiny, weightless finish. Provides heat protection.

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46 Silksheen Therapy Plus

KMS California Silk Sheen Therapy Plus is a lite leave-in serum that eliminates frizz and leaves the hair amazingly silky.

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47 Hair Stay Maximum Hold Spray

Ultra-firm finishing and shine. 24-hour hold. Humidity resistance.

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48 Hair Play Dry Wax

KMS California Hairplay Dry Wax is a creative finishing spray for definition and undressed styling. IOPS (Inside Out Perfecting System) - This grape and peppermint infused spray wax creates pliable matte definition for undressed styling and finishing. With IOPS technology it is ideal for all hair types.

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49 Headremedy Dandruff Conditioner

This gentle rosemary and fennel shampoo, with innovative IOPS technology controls dandruff and flaking for a healthy scalp.

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50 Sol Perfection Survival Creme

This rich grapefruit and thyme leave-in conditioner with IOPS technology and Anti-Oxidant, instantly conditions, detangles and protects sun stressed hair from further damange.

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