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61 Hair Stay Styling Gel

Long-lasting control and shine. No flaking or build-up. Humidity resistant. Alcohol-free. Shampoo soluble.

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62 Hair Stay Dry Xtreme Hair Spray

Extreme, volumizing hold. Dry-to-the-touch. Shiny finish. 24-hour hold. Proven high-humidity resistance.

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63 Free Shape Hot Flex Spray

Flexible shaping and elastic hold. Unlimited heat styling without the damage. Styles last until the next wash. Humidity resistance. Restyleability. Anti-breakage.

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64 Free Shape Quick Blow Dry

Hate when you hair takes forever to dry? Well this is the perfect product for anyone who wants to speed up drying with heat protection. This spray will speed up your drying time by 50% and reduce friction and protects the hair from heat while conditioning. Mirustyle is the ingredient that provides heat protection. This product is also split into 2 parts, the upper phase is a silicone for instant...

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