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21 Full On Protection

Kevin Murphy Full-On Protection Heat Protecting Texture Spray The Kevin Murphy Extreme Heat Protection Complex ensures that damaged hair due to heated appliances becomes a thing of the past. Hair can now be protected naturally and weightlessly. The Kevin Murphy X-HP Complex provides unrivaled defence against the intense heat generated by modern appliances whilst delivering impressive style hold....

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22 Balancing Rinse

Daily conditioner. A conditioner for everyday use or for people who like to wash their hair more than twice a week.

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23 Leave-In Luxury

Leave-in conditioner A carefully blended, high performance, deep conditioner to tame coarse, coloured and dry/damaged hair.

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24 Fresh Hair

A “dry cleaner” for the hair that gives body and the look of freshly washed hair, removes odours and all your sins from the night before.

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25 Hair Resort

A messy beach look that defines long and fine hair. An oil free texturiser for a sexy surfer look that defies gravity.

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26 Session Spray

As natural and as environmentally friendly as possible, this hairspray is low VOC (55%) and CFC free. Using weightless resins, it delivers a flexible finish and hold that will shine like a gloss product, holding hair in place without stiffness. A real hairspray that can be used with confidence.

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27 Sticky Business

A matte finish, strong hold texturizer to create a deliberately dishevelled look. Apply to damp or freshly dried hair and mould into shape, controls frizz into a frozen moment of style. Suits all hair types.

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28 Hair Curlers

These curlers have tiny hair like ridges that feed hair evenly onto the surface. They have circular vents that improve air circulation for even cooling and a smoother wave.

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