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11 Monroe Professional Bobby Pins- 60 Card

Monroe Professional Bobbie Pins include a card of 60 professional bobby pins.

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12 Monroe Professional Bobby Pins- 1lb Box

Monroe Professional Bobbie Pins- 1lb Box of professional bobby pins.

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13 Monroe Etiquette Brush

Monroe Etiquette Brush is a volumizing and finishing brush for fine to medium hair.

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14 Monroe Kaova 100% Boar Paddle

The Monroe Kaova 100% Boar Paddle is a finishing brush for fine-to-medium hair, smoothing out the cuticle creating a flat, shiny look!

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15 Monroe Grand Gala Brush

Monroe Grand Gala Brush is a finishing and styling brush designed for fine-medium hair.

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16 Monroe Prepping Brush

Monroe Prepping Brush is a flat brush with ball-tipped nylon pins set in soft rubber air cushion base.

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