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11 C-System Hydrating Shampoo

MOP C-System Hydrating Shampoo is a gentle cleanse with emollients to ensure your hair remains soft and moisturized. Perfect for all hair types included fine and chemically treated hair. Sulphate-free and pH balanced.

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12 Glisten Weightless Spray Shine

No description available.

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13 Glisten High Shine Pomade

Super style is achieved with super shine. Evening primrose oil, certified organic oatstraw and horsetail work together to create pliable manageability with reflective shine. This light, non-greasy formula enables you to style, shine and help protect. Accentuate an updo or apply a final touch to shorter styles. Reflect the shine inside.

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14 Leave-In-Conditioner

Blow dryers, stress, sun and pollutants can really do a number on hair. Leave-in Conditioner with extracts of Certified Organic Echinacea and Dandelion, plus Certified Organic Carrot Purée runs interference between hair and these aggressors. Added bonus: no tangles, no frizz, no worries, no kidding. Certified Organic.

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15 C-System C-Curl Curl Enhancing Conditioner

This hydrating conditioner works well for all hair types, fine to full. A lightweight product, it provides the essential moisture to smooth curls, making tangles a thing of the past. Vitamins A, C, and E aid in color preservation. mop C-System C-Curl Curl Enhancing Conditioner Features & Benefits: * Hydrating. * Color preserving formula. * Great for curly or wavy hair.

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16 C-System C-Curl Curl Refreshing Spray

Spray mist calms frizzies for smooth curl styles. C-Curl Curl Refreshing Spray by MOP C-System features anti-static agents and glycerin to smooth and seal the hair cuticle. Protects against damage caused by heat styling. Use while styling or during the course of the day to revive curls.

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17 C-System Texture Spray

Achieve effortless body and definition with added shine. Simply spray onto damp or dry hair and finger style. Air or blow dry.

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18 C-System Finishing Paste

MOP C-System Finishing Paste is a beeswax-based treatment that gives hair flexible hold and a satin finish. Use on wet hair to maintain moisture. Great for use on coarse hair or on dry hair to create texture.

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19 C-System Moisture Complex for Conditioning & Detangling

MOP C-System Moisture Complex is for conditioning plus detangling. Light conditioning for every day use on any hair type. Help replace lost moisture and nutrients after every shampoo with this citrus-infused vitamin blend.

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20 C-Sytems Conditioning Mist

C-System Conditioning Mist - A vitaming rich conditioning spray to enhance softness and manageability while providing a hint of control.

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