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11 Coconut Papaya Hair Paste

This deep-penetrating paste is made with the finest plant proteins, vitamin oils and moisturizers to improve the condition of damaged, brittle and processed or color-treated hair.

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12 Buttery Soy Hair Creme

The Buttery Soy Creme will soothe a sensitive,dry itchy scalp, promote and maintain healthy hair growth while eliminating dry scalp and breakage. It adds manageability and shine to naturally curly, wavy, frizzy and coarse hair. It enhances waves and curls, add and maintain moisture to dry, brittle and damaged hair.

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13 Honey Hair Creme

Got tight, coarse, frizzy curls? Smooth and soften the curls. This conditioning cream replaces natural oils lost during blow-drying or everyday stress and abuse. Transforms puffy, parched hair into a perfectly smooth, supple texture.

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14 Olive You Deep Conditioner

Triple-strength conditioner to rebuild damaged , weak hair. Olive You Deep Conditioner has soy milk with minerals and amino acids to help rebuild your hair, seaweed to soften and oils to increase tensile strength.

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15 3-4 Combo Hair Creme

The TYPE 3/4 Creme Combination Pack was formulated because there are many different textures usually located within the Type 3 hair. With a TYPE 3 hair type,the front maybe curly and crown maybe very kinky and the nape maybe wavy with straight characteristics. Therefore when dealing with this many textures you will benefit from the TYPE 3/4 Combination Pack to balance the hair. You may have to...

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16 O'Honey Curl Mist

The O'Honey Curl Mist is the paramount of leave-in conditioners. Hair is immediately soft and moisturized. It can be used on dry or wet hair. Helps to rejuvenate curls that are thirsty for moisture.

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17 Organic Styling Creme

The Organic Styling Creme is lightweight,luxurious hair creme that defines, moisturizes and contours curls for perfect separation. Apply evenly from roots to the ends and style as usual.

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18 Olive You Light Conditioner

This conditioner provides intense smoothing, volume down control and detangling to very dry hair. Use to moisturize, smooth and soften the hair. Comb through curls with ease. Smells wonderful.

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19 Twist Out! Creme

The Twist Out Creme is needed keep those twist out styles looking fierce. A thick, hydrating butter that will sink right into those parched locks. Your Twist Out styles will stay looking fresh with the Twist Out.! Can be used for various styles such as locks ,comb coils and double strand twist styles.

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20 Caribbean Hair Activator

The Caribbean Hair Activator gives your natural waves, and textured styles the sheen and softness you need .This freshly fragranced Caribbean formula will penetrate into those curls quickly, leaving hair soft, and wavy . A styling treatment specifically formulated for curly hair.

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