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31 Curly Satisfaction Leave-In Balm

A botanical rich leave-in conditioner and softening balm. Used as directed, it softens and controls curly and frizzy hair for maximum manageability and shine. A fusion of a deep treatment and a finishing product.

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32 Hair Do Right Leave-In Therapy

This leave-in hydrating hair therapy contains Pro-vitamin B5 to repair hair damage and seal split and broken ends. Contains smoothing proteins and conditioners to aid in preventing hair breakage and soften the hair. Seals the cuticle and controls frizz, visibly improving hair quality.

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33 Type 2 Hair Cream

Type 2 Hair needs a balance of both (50%)moisture and (50%) control. This product will provide both. Not too much moisture, and not too much control, just a perfect balance. Great for hair that is soft and fine, with a wavy pattern.

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34 Hair Reformer Scalp Cleanser

For hair in transition. The Hair Reformer Scalp Cleanser is a gentle, moisture rich cleanser to maintain naturally curly hair. Strengthens & refines the hair structure. For damaged repear care, smoothes structure of damaged hair. Honey extract strengthens the hair structure Improves the inner & outer hair structure .Contains :Citrus, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, and Myrrh Extracts to seal frayed...

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35 Honey Bee Conditioner

The Honey Bee Conditioner is a lightweight daily conditioner that replenishes moisture and adds weightless body and shine.

The natural tonic properties of basil and cider vinegar stimulate the hair and scalp.

Conditioning jojoba oil helps to strengthen while adding healthy shine.

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36 Organic Shea Butter Light Conditioner

The Organic Shea Light Conditioner moisturizes your hair and scalp with natural humectants. It contains shea butter, castor oil, honey and sunflower oil to moisturize ad soften the hair. Comb through curls with ease. Great for young children.

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37 Curl Creation Styling Serum

Enhance wavy or curly hair or blow dry smooth for volume and body. Pro-vitamin B5 conditions and strengthens hair. Heat-activated to allow for easier brush glide and style support. Protects hair from damage due to styling, and helps prevent fly-aways. Thermal protectant, and heat sealant.

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38 Honey Bee Sweet Scalp Exfoliator

The Honey Bee Sweet Scalp Exfoliator is a clarifying shampoo packed with the goodness of raw honey to remove stubborn residue, dirt and oil without stripping your hair of moisture. No more icky, limp and lifeless hair. Just a super-clean, bouncy and silky mane that turns heads!

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39 Hair Reformer Conditioner

The Hair Reformer Conditioner moisturizes your hair and scalp with natural oils. It contains a hydrating base to moisturize and soften the hair. Reforms and Reconstructs.

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40 Systematic Deep Conditioner

Helps restore moisture, strengthen, de-frizz, reduce breakage and improve the results of heat damaged hair. Systematic Deep Conditioner is an innovation in the science of hair nourishment. Get that perfect balance of protein and moisture in one treatment. Wheat Protein, Jojoba Oil, Keratin, Calendula and Geranium repair, condition, soften and add shine to hair.

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