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1 Pure Colorcare Straight Styling Straightener

Get perfectly straight hair all day. Straight Styling Straightener smoothes kinks, curls and frizz temporarily, and leaves hair soft with a touchable, brilliant finish.

2 HC Formula + B5 Leave-In and More

HC Formula+B5 hair mender and revitalizing treatment fortifies and moisturizes dry hair that’s prone to splitting. Smoothes the cuticle and improves the look and feel of hair. Imparts weightless shine and suppleness. Protects the hair from styling heat. Stimulates the scalp to boost cellular energy production. Vitamins, EFA lipids, protein and minerals provide comprehensive replenishment for...

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3 Fixe Super Hold Hairspray

Mastey Fixe Super Hold Hairspray allows for maximum versatility in styling. Keeps style in place all day. Provides exceptional shine, hold and root lifting. Contains our new generation of water based polymers. Contains no propellant and no oils. Will not flake or stick. Will not build-up or weigh down the hair.

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4 Traite Cream Shampoo

Mastey is made with natural ingredients that replicate nutrients hair and skin need. Botanically derived lipids and moisture factors replenish from the outside what hair needs inside for a youthful, healthy moisture balance. Mastey antioxidants and natural solar fillers help extend the life of hair color.

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5 Enplace Sculpting Spray Gel

Mastey Enplace Sculpting Spray Gel provides extra volume and support. Contain no alcohol. Protects hair from sun and thermal damage. Enplace is not oily and non-sticky. Enplacé is a light, body-building spray gel for sculpting, styling and shaping. It easily makes the hair styling process more creative. Hair behaves just the way you want it to, anytime on wet or dry hair. Actually thickens the...

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6 Activateur Curl Enhancer

Create finger-curls, brush curls, twists, and other styling effects. Prolongs and supports a curly hairstyle, and allows for daily use without fear of build-up. Activator adds volume and body to all hair types with shine and manageability. Alcohol-free, contains our new generation of water-soluble styling agents. Won’t build up on the hair, and washes out easily.

7 Restore Sulfate Free Shampoo for damaged hair

Restore bleached and damaged hair. This nutrient-rich cream shampoo strengthens and protects bleached or damaged hair with an infusion of rice protein reinforced with cystine. Our unique and gentle sulfate-free cleansing system treats your hair as gently as you would treat your skin. Restore softness, shine and health to leave hair manageable. Contains no polyethoxylated detergents, sodium or...

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8 Lumineux Shine Gloss Smoother

Shine Gloss is pure concentrated shine. Glides through hair for smoother styles with a high gloss finish. Seals hair color and protects from heat. Humidity resistant formula controls frizz.

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9 Lumineux Shine Naturel

Shine Naturel offers style control that looks wet all day. Brings out natural and haircolor highlights with incredible shine. Hair looks wet, but dries normally. Controls frizz and flyaways while providing structure, texture and shine. Neat, clean, or messy Shine Naturel is verstatile for all kinds of styles. Excellent for hot iron use - it protects from heat, seals the cuticle and locks in...

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10 Color Protecting Leave-In Oil Treatment

Mastey's Color Protecting Leave In Oil Treatment is a special combination of Certified Argan Oil, Olive Oil, and GrapeSeed Extract. This unique combination provides the maximum protection and healing for color treated and damaged hair.

Argan Oil infuses hair with natural nutrients to help repair and protect color treated hair from styling heat damage; Olive Oil helps to soften and...

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