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1 System 1 Weightless After-Wash

Weightless botanical blend of hydrolyzed plant proteins, lavender and Vitamin B5 weightlessly conditions, nourishes, protects and detangles. Leaves hair silky-smooth, shiny and manageable, without weighing it down. Ensures color stays brilliant and lasts.

2 Gel Cocktail Adjustable Hold Gel

Botanical proteins and starches deliver flexible, flake-free hold that lasts until you brush through or reactivate with water.

3 Subdue Frizz Restraining Creme

A luxurious botanical blend, including green tea and chamomile, tames frizz on contact. Creamy texture controls volume and smoothes unruly hair. Apply to hair before or after drying.

4 System 2 Balancing Wash

The ultimate cleanser for hair treated with any shade of permanent (alkaline) hair color. Luxurious botanical blend, including vegetable proteins, natural moisturizers and Vitamin B5, gently cleanses protects and nourishes hair to ensure color stays brilliant and lasts. Restores vital moisture and leaves hair silky-smooth, shiny, manageable and acid-balanced. More conditioning than System 1....

5 System 1 Weightless Wash

Weightless botanical blend, including vegetable and plant proteins, rosemary, geranium, Vitamin B5 and jojoba oil, gently cleanses, protects and nourishes hair to ensure color stays brilliant and lasts.

6 System 2 Balancing After-Wash

Luxurious botanical blend of plant proteins, aloe leaf, rosemary and Vitamin B5, nourishes, protects, moisturizes and instantly detangles hair to leave it incredibly shiny, acid-balanced and manageable. Ensures color stays brilliant and lasts. More conditioning than System 1. Leaves hair smooth and shiny–never greasy. Replaces more protein, lipids and water. Leaves hair easy to style; color...

7 All Systems Fortifying Pre-Wash Therapy

Ultra luxurious créme-oil emulsion deeply infuses dry, damaged hair with maximum levels of moisture and nourishment. Instantly restores silkiness, combability, strength and shine. Maintains color's brilliance and beauty between salon visits. Our most intensive treatment for use in-salon and at home. Apply liberally to dry hair lenghts. Do not apply to wet hair. Leave in for 15-60 minutes, then...

8 System 3 Nourishing After-Wash

Greaseless, ultra moisturizing botanical blend or castor seed oil, jojoba, plant proteins, lavender, rosemary and Vitamin B5 deeply revives and nourishes hair, restoring and maintaining maximum hydration and color vibrancy.

9 Abundance Volumizing Foam

A sumptuous blend, including botanical extracts and plant proteins, instantly transforms flat and fine strands into full, voluptuous looking hair. Hydrates, nourishes and protects hair to ensure color stays brilliant and resists fading. For maximum volume, combine with Minardi Root Lift.

10 Pieces Soft Hold Pomade

Modern botanical blend details choppy cuts, eliminates flyaways, and enhances dimensional cuts and color with soft hold and a matte finish.

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