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2 Gello-Shots gel

Truly magical product w/ the incredible hold of gel & brilliant shine all wrapped into one product. Alcohol free, won't flake. Extracts of aloe vera, goldenseal, chamomile, neutral henna.

3 Mango Colada Gel Mousse

This product has the control of a gel, but in a conditiong mousse. Top Mine seller. Alcohol-free, non-aerosol, conditioner. Extracts of aloe vera, awapuhi, kiwi, mango & passionfruit.

4 Barbee Blast Shine on Spray

This product is an advanced, alcohol-free shine product that kills frizzies & static electricty. Non-oily. Extracts of aloe vera, angelica, chamomile, rosemary & sage.

5 Smooth Sailing

This Mine product is truly magical. This aromatic lotion (hints of Kiwi fruit linger in the air) is so powerful it will straighten, texturize, detangle, add volume, fight frizz and protect hair from heat styling.

6 Cherry Tuesday Day After Day Shampoo

No description available.

7 The Great One Hairspray

No description available.

8 Hoolie Coolie Kids Shampoo

No description available.

9 Hoolie Coolie Kids Detangler

No description available.

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