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11 ProMend Split End Binding Leave-In Treatment Crème

Enriched with concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein and Flax Seed Oil, this Promend targeted Leave In Crème provides instant repair to split ends by binding and smoothing 92% of broken hair fibers back together in just one use.

This concentrated formula provides daily repair for split end problem areas. Apply to just-washed hair before styling, for ends that look freshly...

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12 Phyto Organics ChromaLife Colour Lock Shampoo

ChromaLife Colour Lock Shampoo is an ultra mild sulfate free formula that helps restore essential nutrients lost during color services.

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13 Phyto Organics Babassu Mud Revitalizing Hair Treatment

Restores body, pliability and shine to dull, lifeless hair Fortifies and strengthens weak, damaged hair

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14 Exxtra Gel

Create incredible styling effects with exceptional hold Blends instantly into damp or dry hair; free of dulling resins, alcohol, and color Ideal for hair sculpting, thermal styling, wet looks or naturally drying styles Contains Collagen Amino Acids and Elastins to add strength, elasticity, and shine to hair NexxuSphere Technology time released nutrients.

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15 Therappe Moisturizing Shampoo

Nexxus salon formula Gently cleanses for nourished, healthy looking hair Help restore and maintain hair's vital moisture balance Helps safeguard hair from environmental damage Contain rosemary, chamomile and nettle Shampooing hydratant. NexxuSphere technology time released nutrients. Therappe Luxury Moisturizing Shampoo restores and maintains vital moisture needed for...

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16 Phyto Organics Hydraide

Hydrade rehydrates hair with an abundance of weightless, nutrient rich moisture. This advanced replenishing formula transports hydrating emollients deep into the hair shaft, providing incredible manageability, unsurpassed elasticity, and extraordinary shine. Hydraide rejuvenates hair luxuriously with an exotic blend of Bamboo extract, moisturizing Shea Butter, and nourishing Alfalfa, rendering...

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17 Gorgeous Curls

Nexxus Gorgeous Curls Foam Styler gives you naturally soft, touchable curls in frizz-defying high definition. Nexxus Gorgeous Curls Curl Enhancing Foam Styler gives you naturally soft, touchable curls in frizz defying high definition. Its special blend of marsh mallow root, sweet almond protein, and lavender oil, it leaves your curls looking and feeling touchably soft and naturally...

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18 Phyto Organics Humectin Extreme Moisture Conditioner

Humectin Conditioner is designed to hydrate and nourish the hair with botanicals from across the globe Manuka Honey Sandalwood coconut milk and lime which are utilized for their moisturizing properties.

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19 Phyto Organics OmniStyler Versatile Designing Liquid

Nexxus Phyto Organics Omnistyler - Versatile Designing Liquid contains green tea and avocado oil to protect against thermal styling. OMNISTYLER Versatile DESIGNING LOTION is a unique and versatile formula that allows you to design the hair in any shape, form, or fashion. This alcohol-free lotion provides light control and superior curl retention when used for roller sets or with curling irons and...

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20 Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner

Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner uses technologically advanced NexxuSpheres to deliver moisturizing Lipids and soothing emollients into the innermost structure of the hair. Preserves the vital moisture balance necessary for your hair Fortified with NexxuSpheres: Advanced microsphere technology provides the gradual release of strengthening Ceramides, replenishing...

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