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11 Stimulating Scalp Shampoo

NouriTress Perfect Hair Stimulating Scalp Shampoo is a treatment shampoo with a unique therapeutic formula designed to deep cleanse both hair and scalp. This special formulated shampoo is also designed to increase blood circulation to stimulate growth. The Tea Tree Oils included in this Shampoo protects dry and itchy scalp problems commonly associated with dandruff. Perfect Hair Shampoo takes...

12 Vitamin Conditioner

NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamin Conditioner is specially formulated to detangle, moisturize and add body and shine to the hair after shampooing. Specially blended with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, the Moisturizing Vitamin Conditioner penetrates the hair shaft into areas with extreme damage where protein and moisture are missing, thus leaving the hair feeling soft and silky.

13 Edge Control

Edge Control smooths and conditions with holding power. This formula is designed to condition and hold hair in place for a smooth finish, never oily.

14 VitaWrap Foaming Lotion

NouriTress Perfect Hair VitaWrap Foaming Lotion with Pro-Vitamin B5 is a salon formula wrap lotion contains a rich blend of conditioning agents that gives the hair body, shine and movement. NouriTress VitaWrap Foaming Lotions contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which conditions, strengthens and helps thicken the hair.