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11 Everyday Leave-In Detangling Conditioner

Original Moxie Everyday Leave-in Detangling Conditioner is the leave-in for you! Shea Butter & Pumpkin Seed Oil are both excellent sources of Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins and help to tone the hair and scalp, while dissolving knots and providing lasting moisture & sheen. A dollop a day keeps bad hair days at bay! Original Moxie has reformatted their labels to include botanical names for each...

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12 Sweet Poof Volumizing Spray

Get sexy 'beach hair' with a potent cocktail of marine extracts and natural humectants that build overall volume without harsh chemical fixatives.

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13 Shape Shifter Re-Forming Creme

Depending on your needs, this product can lengthen and “de-poof” curls or add pliability and wave to thick, straight hair. This ultra-rich crème also deep conditions, detangles, & smoothes along the way.

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14 Emollience Pre-Treatment

Hair that suffers from chronic dryness needs an extra boost to regain its luster. This penetrating pre-treatment, enriched with Cupuaçu Butter & Castor Oil, breaks the cycle to restore your hair’s natural shine and elasticity. After just one use, hair is noticeably softer, silkier and more vibrant. That’s Mmm-hmmm-mollience! Hot Tip: If you notice tiny white grains in your product, do not...

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15 Featherweight Conditioner

This conditioner doesn’t have to be heavy to perform like a champ! Contrary to popular belief, oily to normal hair does need conditioning, but with a focus on shine, volume and detangling, rather than heavy emollients. Enriched with Indian Gooseberry, three natural sources of Vitamin C, and gentle proteins, Featherweight Conditioner promotes healthy growth, imparts shine, and builds strength...

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16 Just Gel Styling Concentrate

Whether your hair is pin straight or tightly curled, this alcohol-free formula infused with botanical extracts and fortified with Panthenol & Silk, will deliver frizz control and touchable hold without the Dried-Out-Crunchies! Original Moxie has reformatted their labels to include botanical names for each natural ingredient. The formulations themselves have not changed. Hot Tip: Got too much of...

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17 Get Clean No-Foam Shampoo

Break your Foam Addiction with Original Moxie Get Clean! No Foam Shampoo! Sulfates, the chemicals that produce heavy foam, also strip hair of its natural oils. Our shampoo takes a gentler approach, harnessing the cleansing properties of Yucca Root & Soapnut to remove dirt and excess oil without disturbing your scalp’s natural balance. Original Moxie has reformatted their labels to include...

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18 Deluxe Mini Smooth Travel & Gift Set

Beautifully gift-wrapped travel sizes of our straight to wavy hair staples. Works best on fine hair that is straight to moderately curly.

• Get Fresh! Volumizing Shampoo (1 oz.)
• Featherweight Conditioner (1 oz.)
• Emollience Pre-treatment (.5 oz.)
• Mane Tame Weightless Frizz Control (1 oz.)
• Oasis Moisture Gel (1 oz.)
• Straight Up Sleek Control...

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19 Moisture Magic Gift Set

A limited edition holiday set of products that add moisture and shine to dry, damaged hair. Elegantly packaged in recycled-content boxes, these luxurious, natural products make the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Get yours while supplies last!

• Emollience Pre-treatment (3 oz.)
• Intense Quench Deep Conditioner (8 oz.)
• Oasis Moisture Gel (8 oz.)

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20 Scalp Therapy

Rich in Azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, Blue Cypress has long been used to protect and heal the skin in harsh desert environments. We have paired it with Andiroba Oil, a healing Amazonian oil, and have enhanced these therapeutic agents with a rich selection of natural ingredients. The perfect antidote for sore, dry, or itchy scalps and a luxurious indulgence for the senses! Use it...

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