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31 Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo

Balance your life from head to toe. This gentle cleanser can be used for your hair and body. Its enriching scent is evocative of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Santa Fe, and it leaves your hair feeling soft and silky, and your body feeling clean and refreshed.

Gentle daily cleanser for all hair types
Normalizes an oily hair or moisturizes a dry
Safe for...

32 Russian Amber Conditioning Crème

Indulge in luxurious hair care. This opulent, rejuvenating conditioner helps enhance and protect your hair, leaving it shiny, bouncy, gleaming and healthy-looking. Make every day a great hair day.

For normal, color-treated and/or damaged hair
Contains nettle, chamomile, rosemary, sage, burdock, grape seed and amber oil
Amber oil is a rare, precious and highly...

33 White Truffle Conditioning Creme

Restore lost precious moisture in the most luxurious way with this reconditioning creme. It gives your tresses a youthful-looking, radiant glow without leaving them limp or lank. It helps strengthen and soften your hair, giving the ultimate finish for those seeking conditioning perfection.

Uniquely formulated to moisturize and reduce breakage
Contains lavender,...

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