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1 Hair Honey molding beeswax

Hair Honey molding beeswax blends honey, beeswax, organic polymers, silica quartz and calcium and zinc protein. The product is fibrous and taffy-like to mold and condition the hair in any direction, as well as define curls. The idea behind the Hair Honey was to control the hair like a gel, but allow pliability.

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2 Ultra Shampoo for Dry Frizzy Hair

No description available.

3 Repair Hair

No description available.

4 Fade De Phy Shampoo

Ultimate in hair color protection, resulting in up to 80% less fading. Prolongs color. Proven to be more effective against sun damage than other leading shampoos. Hair is left shiny, full of body and bounce.

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5 Refres H Air

Dry, clean shine in-an-instant for people on the go! Removes up to nearly 50% of all hair debris. Revives limp, frizzy hair. Perfect for re-styling. Refresh hair 2 to 3 times a day with no build-up. Note: does not replace regular shampooing; great for in between washes.

6 P2 Brilliant Hair Anti-Frizz Sun Guard

Anti-frizz, shine spray. Any hair texture is instantly left with high-gloss, brilliant shine. Adds crystal clear, sparkling shine to dry, dull hair. Smoothes down frizzy ends, weightless, and rinses out easily. Also performs as a sun guard. Can re-spray with no coatings left behind.

7 Di ver city Ultra Conditioner

Conditioner for dry hair. Great for coarse, thick, wavy hair. Softens dry hair and scalp, while adding and locking in essential moisture. Controls frizziness and smoothes down hair. Eliminates fly-aways from static.

8 Moisturesheen Color & Frizz Control Shampoo

Hydrating control treatment remedies tangles & breakage. Hair is vibrant, shiny & healthy. Moisture-charged shampoo for dry, frizzy hair

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9 Potion Sun Guard & Groom

Eliminates frizzy hair & controls static electricity. Restores moisture. Protects hair & scalp. Weightless, greaseless sun guard & groom.

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10 Glisten anti-frizz spray and sun guard

For instant, brilliant shine. Adds crystal clear shine to dry, dull and frizzy hair. Smooths down frizzy ends, weightless, does not leave coating on hair, rinses out easily and dries crystal clear. Tons of vitamins and sunscreen. Protects from heat of dryer & curling iron. Can re-spray when needed during the day. Great on any texture hair! Wet or dry hair.

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