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11 Quick Fixx

Quick Fixx is a nutrient-enriched, non-aerosol hair spray that provides shine, long lasting and flexible hold. This quick-drying formula uses sophisticated, cosmetic-grade resins for crystal-clear hold that will never flake or buildup.

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12 Strait Time Hair Straightening Gel

Now you can choose when to go curly or straight with this unique non-chemical temporary straightener with thermal protection.This product relaxes curls and waves leaving hair soft and shiny. It will reduce frizz and protect hair form heat. Humidity resistant!

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13 Design Spray

Razzamatazz Design Spray fine mist, encircles, lifts and bolsters hair into “shape”. Use with a blow dryerfor incredible effects in style and volume that can be maintained for hours. Never sticky or stiff, combs or brushes through easily and can be re applied for re-styling or touch- ups. Formulated with conditioners for added sheen and pliability. Sunscreen factors protect hair from damaging...

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14 Glitz

The Razzamatazz Glitz silkens, repairs and protects. Enhanced with botanicals, vitamins and sunscreen, our unique advanced alcohol free, non-oily formula gives you shine, shine, shine - without added weight. Protects by actually sealing the cuticle against moisture loss and color fading and leaves a mirror-like shine. Eliminates the frizzies and ends static electricity.

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15 Alkemi Hair Color Retention System Intensive Treatment Hair Mask

Used once or twice a week, this intensive formula delivers the benefits of our exclusive Color Retention System deep into the hair shaft to maintain and protect the radiance of salon color. Delivers protectants uniformly throughout the hair protecting the longevity of salon color and replenishing hair’s youthful characteristics.

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16 Alkemi Hair Color Retention System Leave In Protectant

Provides hair with all day protection from the aging effects of oxidation, free radical damage and UV exposure. Preserves rich hues and vibrancy of salon color while improving manageability. Created for color treated hair.

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