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1 Design Line Ultimate Radiance Defrizz Spray

Protective, energizing, youth-restoring defrizz spray. Apply to damp hair to block out frizz-causing humidity.

2 Design Line Enchanted Timeless Radiance Shampoo

This sulfate-free formula is infused with crushed canary diamonds and gold ash to gently cleanse, moisturize and repair hair to improve texture and shine. It’s ideal for those who’d like to slow color fade or gently repair dull, brittle hair.

3 Vivid Satin Conditioner

Regis Designline Vivid Satin Conditioner is enriched with silk and elastic polypeptides to help soothe and seal the hair cuticle without weighing hair down. Conditions the hair, providing it with a soft, velvet-like texture.

4 Design Line Ultimate Radiance Leave-In Conditioning Styler

A conditioning styler infused with aloe vera and sea shell protein to help reconstruct hair from heat and environmental damage. Instantly detangles and boosts moisture, softness and shine while adding body. Also helps to prevent color fading.

6 Design Line Olive Oil Conditioner

No description available.

7 Design Line Curl Lock Curl Cream

No description available.

9 Design Line Olive Oil Shampoo

No description available.

10 Design Line Enchanted Timeless Radiance Conditioner

This moisturizing, sulfate-free conditioner is infused with crushed canary diamonds and gold ash to protect against damage caused by heat-styling and UV exposure. It helps to slow color fade and provides strong protection against breakage and split ends.

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