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11 Design Line Olive Oil Shampoo

No description available.

12 Design Line Curl Lock Conditioner

No description available.

13 Design Line Hydrating Shampoo

Designline Hydrate Shampoo helps add strength and shine to all textures of dry or damaged hair. Provides long-lasting mosturization, helping hair to overcome brittleness and breakage. Gently cleanses while controlling static and split ends.

14 Design Line Hydrating Conditioner

Regis Designline Hydrate Conditioner helps add strength to all textures of dry or damanged hair. Gently moisturizes while leaving hair with increased manageability and shine.

16 Design Line Enchanted Timeless Radiance Shimmer Styler

This luminous, light styling spray is a real multi-tasker, providing antioxidant protection, conditioning and restoration, while adding high shine and polished elegance. Perfect for attaining an elegant, polished look with mega shine and achieving a variety of styles.

18 Design Line Ultimate Radiance Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Ultimate Radiance Sulfate-Free Shampoo gently removes residue leaving hair shiny, soft, and free of impurities. Natural UV filters protect from the sun and help prevent color fading.

19 Design Line Timeless Radiance Heat Treat

Heat Treat, formulated with 24K gold flakes, is a heat-activated thermal protector and fortifying spray that reduces stress to the hair that can accompany heat-based styling. Helps to strengthen and provides natural UV protection.

20 Straight Pressed Conditioner

No description available.

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