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11 Conditioning Shampoo

This shampoo for little ones helps detangle hair by softening the natural curl pattern. Using in conjunction with The Original Fragrance Shop hair pudding conditioner, easy comb out, hair butter, & smooth hair growth will bring a smile instead of tears to your child's face. She will look forward to getting her hair groomed!

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12 Easy Comb Out

You are going to love this one for your childrens' hair! No more drama episodes! Simply apply and massage into hair prior to combing. We have included a detangling comb with this product.

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13 Cactus Pulp

We bring you the best gel that nature produces! We added spring water to cactus pulp and had a light bulb moment. This stuff is fantastic! It dries without flaking or leaving a residue. This is fresh matter and must be refrigerated or it will spoil!

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14 Scalp Nourishment

"This was the first oil that I concocted for my hair when I cut it off. My hair was rough & dry in spots and straight in others. It was terribly damaged after years of chemical processing. It helped correct all those problems. My locs now flow beneath my knees!"

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15 Smooth Hair Growth

This hair dress will grow the most stubborn hair and change give hair a silky texture. The formulation is the same as the root stimulator with the additional ingredients of shea oil, glycerin and pineapple crush fragrance. Children love the fragrance! It smells like delicious pineapple popsicles on a hot summer day!

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16 Silk Press

Helps keep hair free-flowing with body and shine, even when flat-ironed.

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