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11 Solia Ceramic Digital Curling Iron

The Solia Ceramic digital curling iron combines the smoothness of gentle infrared ceramic heat with digital control to create flawless curls and frizz-free style.

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12 SuperHot FInger Diffuser

Specifically designed to work with the Solia SuperHot Professional Lightweight Dryer, the Solia SuperHot Finger Diffuser creates smooth curls by not disturbing natural hair patterns or simply promotes a bit of volume and texture. Dispersed air flow reduces frizz and dries hair evenly to prevent damage.

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13 Solia Professional Ceramic Ion Mini Styler (1/2")

Only 6 inches long, the Solia Ceramic Tourmaline Ion Mini Styling Iron utilizes a unique concave/convex plate technology that offers you styling versatility from a sleek straight look to flips and curls for the ultimate frizz-free style. The Mini Styler h

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14 Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer

The latest in advanced Italian Hair Dryer Technology. Solia Thermal Ionic 1875W dryer produces millions of negative ions to make hair healthier and shinier.

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15 Solia Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

NEW! The Solia Professional Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer is an ultra-lightweight professional hair dryer that is engineered with ceramic ionic tourmaline infusion technology to ensure even heating and maximizes hair moisture to leave hair shiny and frizz fre

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16 Solia Everlasting Elastic Ball

The Solia Everlasting Elastic Ball has your supply of metal free elastics neatly captured in a handy ball. With no metal crimp, hair does not get damaged and bands are comfortable to use. Available in three trendy color combinations.

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