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1 Marblettes Hair Brush

Ionic cushions and Tourmaline Nylon bristles help condition the hair and create less static. Flexible cushions give comfort going through hair. Ball tips feel great on your scalp. 2 Sizes- 1 for home and 1 for travel.

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2 Spornette 962-XL Double Stranded Nylon Round Brush

Spornette 962-XL Double Stranded Nylon Round Brush features permanent ball-tipped, non-snarl, tangle-free bristles.

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3 Spornette Prix Round Brush

Spornette Prix Round Brush features a contour bristle pattern that "centers" the hair on the brush.

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4 Spornette Ovation Boar Rounder

Spornette Ovation Boar Rounder brush is a great styling brush for all hair legnths.

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5 Spornette Provo Tourmaline Round Brush Series

Spornette Provo Tourmaline Round Brush's boar and tourmaline enhanced nylon bristle brush allows for a quick twist of the wrist for styling and holding!

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6 Spornette Super Looper

Spornette Super Looper Brush is designed not to snag hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces.

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7 Spornette Fahrenheit 464 Round Brush

Spornette Fahrenheit 464 Round Brush- Innovative nylon bristles are heat resistant up to 464° Fahrenheit. Available in 2 sizes.

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8 Spornette 9020-MT Anti-Static Metro Tunnel Brush

For faster styling, drying and volumizing, try the Spornette 9020-MT Anti-Static Metro Tunnel Brush.

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9 Spornette ZHU Nylon Rounder

Create flips, curls and bangs with ease when using the ceramic barreled Spornette ZHU Nylon Rounder.

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10 Spornette ZHU Paddle Brush

"Go Green" with the eco-friendly Spornette ZHU Paddle Brush!

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