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11 Spornette Little Wonder

Spornette Little Wonder is great for teasing.

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12 Spornette Prego Ceramic Styling Brush

The Spornette Prego Ceramic Styling Brush allows air to flow through, preventing flyaway hair from a dryer's air flow.

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13 Spornette Pronto Round Brush

Spornette Pronto Round Brush features a concave barrel that keeps hair from falling off the brush and allows you to style with ease!

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14 Spornette My Favorite Brush #5160

Spornette's "My Favorite Brush" features flexible bristles set in a random pattern that ensures every hair strand will be brushed.

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15 Spornette Icera Ceramic Ionic Hair Brush

Ceramic barrel brush with ionic nylon and boar bristles. Lightweight with foam cushion handle for ease of use.

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16 Spornette Ionic Convex Paddle

The Spornette Ionic Convex Paddle has ionic bristles and cushion allowing for a reduction in frizz.

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17 Spornette Deville 100% Boar Rounder Brush

The Deville 100% Boar Rounders feature rich, luxurious hardwood. They feature a comfortable, lightweight handle.

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18 Spornette HB-2 Mini Boar Round Brush

The Spornette HB-2 Mini Boar Round Brush has extremely small bristles, ideal for styling very short hair.

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19 Spornette 898 Japanese Tapered Brush

Spornette 898 Japanese Tapered is a super gentle nylon bristle, long-tapered, cushion brush.

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20 Spornette Classic Cushion

The Spornette Classic Cushion brush allows hair to slide over the bristle for easy styling efforts.

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